Citizens Advice Bureau – Wairarapa – where & how NZ govt lie to people

I wanted to write to Citizens Advice Bureau in Masterton and apologise to the lady who had to endure the result of years of persecution by ACC, police, NZ govt and all neo-liberal terrorism I have suffered.  Also wanted to tell her I admired her for being strong enough to stand there and accept the extreme distress and rage coming out of me – for valid reason.  I know a New Zealander would never be able to do it, the lady I spoke to was from Sth Africa.

It was distressing for her I’m sure, to realise when she came to New Zealand she was driving a disabled and poor local from their home and culture.  Its not her fault of course, our cruel corrupt neo-liberal controlled government didn’t tell her they were going to drive purposely impoverished local population from their homes and give them to rich foreigners.  (Which is what causes fascism and what happened in ChCh).

New Zealanders refuse to accept what has cruelly and corruptly been done to this country over the past 30yrs since American/globalist neo-liberals/Libertarians took over.  They are just like Jacinda Ardern, in complete denial at the unnecessary suffering disabled, poor tenants and unemployed people are being subjected to.  In fact New Zealanders, through multiple media and councils, continue to think people on welfare are all addicts and bludgers and should not have anywhere to live, and should be required to beg for food.

Recently I was photocopying my complaint to the Medical Council about a psych report by head of psychiatry in Wellington Justin Barry-Walsh.  I had to stop when the cost got to $30, I only have $10 discretionary money to spend every week, I was yet again spending food on essentials of living, to try and get health care and justice.   Because I am poor I had to do this at Warehouse Stationery, I became more and more distressed when I was doing the photocopying, tears rolling down my face but trying not to show people I was extremely distressed and highly suicidal at the time.   People really hate you if you cry or become upset in public – especially politicians and rich people.

I became so distressed I ended up at Citizens Advice Bureau – I don’t really know why – I suppose because they keep telling people there is justice, there is health care, that everything is great in Wairarapa.  I had seen them a few times on Wairarapa TV, going on about how great things were – given the people saying it were wealthy immigrants, I can understand why they would think that.  Me being a purposely impoverished, persecuted disabled local victim of crime goes against everything they have been told to believe.

It wasn’t the first time I had been to CAB, to try and get health care and justice I am entitled to by law, which doesn’t exist in New Zealand at the moment.  Lots of organisations tell you to go to CAB when you say you can’t get health care and justice, that’s what they are told to say by their corrupt government bosses.

So more recently I phoned CAB extremely distressed by what was happening to me (ie no safe stable affordable housing, no doctor, can’t afford to live on disability, no health care, no lawyer, police violence etc), I was told by the woman on the phone what I needed was counselling.   I became even more distressed and hung up – what did this woman think a counselor did exactly – they don’t provide you a home, health care, protect you from violence or persecution.  They just sit there and listen, counsellors aren’t part of the medical establishment or health care.  Look up the law, they were purposely removed and social workers were included instead.

Not long after I dropped off one of my poetry posters called I Don’t Want to Live – in this cruel evil place.  I put my details on the back, gave them links to my youtube channel and website which they could have contacted me through – they ignored it.

I then went in a few weeks ago and left a message with my phone number on it to contact me about what was being said on the TV about CAB and how they could change the world and help people – that was also ignored.

So when I got there recently in an extremely distressed state I couldn’t stop the trauma and hatred I felt about what was happening to me coming out.  Those people are all older people who have homes to live in, lots of them are wealthy immigrants, all of them have watched neo-liberals advance rich and persecute poor for years and DONE NOTHING.  But what could they do anyway government and corporate terrorists were hell bent on implementing neo-liberalism and they are prepared to do ANYTHING necessary to do it.

IN fact neo-liberals/libertarians love it that people who purposely made unemployed and homeless have to beg for food, that is part of what they believe in.  I have studied disability I have been working in this field for 17 years, what the government say they do for people with disabilities is either not available or only available to certain types of disability and certain types of people.

Chris Hedges and his guests validate everything I am saying about certain groups of society being targeted for persecution by neo-liberal terrorists.  In New Zealand our hatred is squarely aimed at impoverished victims of crime – which has made the lies she has told about Victims of Mosque shooting even more insulting and incited even more hatred towards those people.   The millions of dollars they were given, when victims of crime in NZ are mostly treated like human sewage, if they are a woman and have children they are denied health care and welfare and their children are taken from them, they are denied safe stable affordable places to live.

The government have just announced children of disabled poor women will be removed because they can’t cope and their kids will be given to working foster parents – who are about to get a pay rise for doing it.   While ACC ILLEGALLY deny abuse victims childcare, homes and professional treatment care and rehabilitation, our government create laws to create jobs for foster parents, who are often also poor.   Ewwwwww

Chris Hedges and others are also saying NOBODY WILL DEBATE THE ISSUE OF NEO-LIBERAL TERRORISM OF POOR BY RICH!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Its true, nobody will, those making money out of neo-liberalism make sure there is no public debate on the issue.  I have been denied a voice and hearing by local and national leaders for years – they don’t want to hear how bad it is – they don’t want to seem me distraught and crying because my life is a living nightmare.   Only because ACC deny me health care I entitled to so I can get better and go back to work.  I PROTEST AND DO EVERYTHING I DO JUST SO I CAN GET HEALTH CARE AND GO BACK TO WORK.

I’ve been awake for hours, my heart is starting to hurt really bad, all these people ignoring what is going on.  Now I see the UN maggot is in NZ validating Jacinda Ardern, KNOWING SHE IS PERSECUTING ME AND OTHERS.   He knows this because I have written to him, last year after a statement he put out THAT WAS A BUNCH OF LIES, but looked good at the time.

WHEN AM I GOING TO BE HEARD, WHEN IS MY ART, SONGS AND OTHER THINGS GOING TO BE SEEN.  When is someone in this community going to protect me from police and economic violence for telling the truth about how bad it is rotting on welfare, denied health care and justice.  When is someone in this community going to protect my freedom of speech and expression.   Elitists are everywhere, they are allowed to have their opinions all over media, yet I am beaten up and terrorised for telling the truth.  How can people let this happen and then wonder why I am angry and distraught.

Carterton District Council CORRUPTION by neo-liberal extremists – Elisa Vorster

This is an email to Elisa Vorster, I spoke to her recently and asked about her neo-liberal/Libertarian beliefs, how they weren’t allowed if you were a public servant working for the government.   She is the marketing and propaganda expert for the council, she runs the council website, totally dedicated to wealthy immigrants driving disabled and poor locals from their homes and lives.  The only response she was capable of was insulting me and hanging up, like all guilt ridden greedy rich neo-liberals do.

Ms Vorster,

I have been thinking how to respond to the knowledge you are a radicalised neo-liberal/Libertarian terrorist that advances rich and persecutes poor.  A government ‘public servant’ who drives disabled and poor locals from their homes to make way for rich immigrants.  That is illegal, that is a crime, that is cruel, that is immoral, that is treason, that is a terrorist act (Terrorism Suppression Act) , that is a gross violation of NZ constitutional laws (Imperial Laws Application Act) and multiple UN ratified treaties signed by our government.

It is unclear if you understand what you are doing, or if you are young and just doing what you are told to do by people who belong to the economic religion people call neo-liberalism, the 21st century expression of NAZI youth, ewwwww.  Even though my interaction with you over the shameful ‘suicide’ propaganda you wrote for the Times Age would suggest you know full well what wealthy Libertarian elites you represent are doing to the disabled and ‘purposely impoverished’ local population.

You know as part of my disability Complex PTSD I am highly suicidal, this is mostly incited by THE FACT there is nowhere safe stable and affordable to live in Carterton where I have spent most of my adult life.  I have owned homes here, worked here, my children were born here, I have relatives buried in the cemetery here.  It is you and your criminal Libertarian cult members who currently running the Carterton Council who are inciting suicide, you all know that, you all know driving disabled and poor people out of this community is doing that.

The ONLY REASON we have GOVERNMENT and LAWS is to keep the peace between rich and poor.  That is why the first Imperial Law of NZ is Westminister Statute the 1st – common right be done to all rich as poor.   Which means you are not allowed to advance the rich and persecute the poor (especially to profit from them), you are not allowed to set up a ‘local government’ that purposely does that.  It is illegal to violate the inherent dignity of a person, that includes forcing them to beg for food – which is what you do through the food bank.

My personal situation involves being illegally denied health care I am entitled to under ACC and other laws, this includes a culturally appropriate home to live in, in my community.  A community run by extremely corrupt and cruel people who are mostly delusional and in deep denial about they unnecessary suffering, violence, suicide, crime and hatred they perpetrate with their elitist radicalised bigotry.   I don’t want food, I want health care and a job so I can live with dignity and in safety – forcing people like myself (ie disabled destitute mentally injured victims of crime) to beg for necessaries of life is EVIL.   I can’t actually think of a word that describes accurately just how cruel and corrupt you all are.

The second law of NZ is Magna Carta which says quite plainly you are not allowed to destroy people and they must have access to right and justice.  You can’t be that ignorant not to understand you are destroying people like me Elisa or that there are gross injustices being perpetrated against disabled and poor members of this community.
Government aren’t there to follow the majority – that’s how we ended up with WWII – that is why the UN was created and the rules of the UN were made – to stop another NAZI Germany.  Sadly, all those UN treaties are being violated by you, your council and our government since 1984 neo-liberal takeover of NZ.  We have Bill of Rights laws about how people who are elected and work for the government are supposed to behave, its how you keep power in check and STOP gross abuses of power (which is happening now and so blatantly obvious in Carterton).
You, the councillors and your colleagues are abusing your positions of power and using them to advance the rich and persecute the poor, as well as exploiting the poor you have purposely created.   You know bringing in 1000s of rich immigrants – which is what you promote on the Carterton Council website is inciting violence, hate and suicide – you know it is going to drive disabled and poor members of this community out of their homes into dangerous and inhuman situations.   THIS IS NOT MY CULTURE, THIS IS NOT MY PAKEHA CULTURE, THIS IS NOT MAORI CULTURE, THIS IS NOT THE culture of any country on this planet.   This is the takeover of our society by wealthy elites who are consumed by greed and abuses of power against disempowered terrorised majority of the population.
There is nothing I can do to stop you of course, I do my best with my art and formal complaints about what is happening to me.  It becomes extremely overwhelming, the more I realise and discover just how cruel and corrupt neo-liberals in power/government/media are, the more terrified I become.   From my extensive study of the rise of neo-liberalism it is obvious things are going to get much worse and we are going to end up in a violent and bloody revolution.  Sadly people  like the ChCh mosque shooter and Wairarapa white supremacists are incredibly stupid and don’t understand it is those in power, controlled by wealthy globalist elites, who are ensuring they have inadequate resources to live, not the person at the mosque.
This email is to make sure you understand what you are doing by encouraging in foreigners knowing locals will be driven from their homes and into inhuman situations is a crime (and uncivilised behaviour).  I will be writing to all other councillors to explain that is what they are doing also and it is also a crime, although I do think those involved in brainwashing propaganda are the worst part of this deceit/cruelty.  Perhaps one day Rule of Law, justice and decency will return to New Zealand local and central government, until then I will do my best to stay alive (although there is no reason to live whatsoever) and hold a mirror to your vile hatred.
I think this needs to be a public letter, so I will put it on my website for everybody to see.  I have youtube videos with your name on them I’m sure, that is how disgusted I was with your attitude towards suicide.  You are part of the rich pig sty that of course creates suicide ewwwwww – the thought of what you do makes me want to be physically sick.   How do you sleep at night, do you hate me and others like me so much, what have I ever done to you?????  What have I ever done to any of you neo-liberal extremists on the local council, I don’t steal from you, I don’t drive you from your homes, I don’t hurt your children, I don’t hurt you – and yet you do that to me and think its LEGAL AND OK?????
It appears local community and business leaders are incapable of discussing and debating the gross violations of constitutional laws in Wairarapa.  My art is censored from exhibition, I am terrorised by police and persecuted for telling people the truth about what it is like living rotting on welfare in this country.   I am violently assaulted by police for my NON-VIOLENT protests, I am censored from exhibition by council staff, police and ‘community’ organisations because they don’t like the art I create about what is happening to me and others.  It is 2019 and everything the United Nations and our constitutional/human rights/civil rights laws say about justice and right is unjust and wrong.  That is why feudalism is back, that is why the rise of white supremists, fascists, racists, hatred and bigotry.
It was shocking to see some woman charged with inciting racism when your marketing of Carterton on the council website is what is ACTUALLY INCITING racism and all those other things that happens to people denied the necessities of life!
You had better hope the bible isn’t true and more people don’t find out what you are and what you do Elisa.  If it is I feel very sorry for you, because you have been tested and failed and you will be going to hell if you don’t act to stop the advancement of the rich and persecution of the poor.
I’ve realised I am not a political person, I used to think I was, but I didn’t understand the VOLDAMORT of politics I was expected to abide by – neo-liberal terrorism of poor by rich.  My only interest is truth and justice and everybody knowing what the truth is and what injustices are being perpetrated by those abusing their positions of power – which is what you and your colleagues do.
How do you sleep at night, women are raped because of you (I know of one only recently due to housing crisis), children are raped and harmed because of you, people kill themselves because of you, people unnecessarily suffer and cry because of you, people die because of you – while on the other side of that those you represent become more greedy, more filled with hatred, more cruel, more violent, more self-righteous, more abusive, more bigoted and more abusive.   I know this because I live in the darklands of this community as an impoverished disabled abuse victim, I know how terrible people have become.
Sarah Greenall is a contract gardener to John Booth the mayor, we were once very good friends, our children grew up together, I saved her life during a medical emergency couple of years ago and supported her many times due to her disability – I was executor of her will until late last year.   She had told John Booth and other leaders of this community she associated with about my situation with ACC, mental health and police etc – they had done nothing but discredited, insulted and turned her against me.  This culminated in her violently assaulting me in December last year, along with a tirade of elitist neo-liberal abuse so vicious and violent I am still in shock.  All those years of good times with her and her son, all now reminders of the hatred and bigotry people like John Booth incite in our community.
I get my information from some very good news sources on the internet, you should educate yourself as well, especially about ANOMIE and what that means in a society in deep decay – which New Zealand society is. Check out Chris Hedges, Noam Chomsky, Prof David Harvey, Glenn Greenwald, Naomi Klein – look up neo-liberalism and what it actually means.  Trying to keep this information and what is happening to people like me censored and secret is illegal and is corrupt.  You are a criminal Elisa – just like in NAZI Germany, everything neo-liberal NAZI are doing in NZ to harm and persecute poor people has been made legal, however these laws aren’t valid.  Neo-liberalism is illegal, you are not allowed to take a country from one of equality to one of inequality by advancing the rich and persecuting the poor in order to profit from them.  Profiting from them includes getting a buzz out of forcing them to beg for food from you.  ewwwww
I truly hope something really bad happens to you and those you love Elisa, I truly hope what happened to me happens to you, then you’ll find out the true meaning of the word persecution and corruption.   I am a non-violent activist but I know for a fact some very disturbed people live in this community (driving mentally ill out of hospitals to destabilise our society was a neo-liberal terrorist act) those people are being driven mad and at the moment harming other poor people and those around them.  They have started working out who is really to blame for their situation, that’s why ChCh happened, that’s why all the MPs shut down electorate offices – they knew they incited the ChCh terrorist attack.
Civil Society Activist

NZ TREASURY purposely create intergenerational poverty to cause harm & create jobs

What NZ government and NZ Treasury say they do on their website IS THE OPPOSITE to what they actually do in real life for 20% of the population – just so happens I used to be middle class and not see what was going on.  Following an event that left me rotting on welfare under control of ACC and NZ government I found out what happens in the darklands, to those they TARGET for persecution, exploitation and degradation.

Now I am a voice for this targeted group of citizens, which has made me a target for gross violations of my civil and human rights, perversions of justice, repeated harassment by police in my home and when legally protesting.  My interest in the meaning of culture could even describe those of us confined to the neolib darklands as a new cultural group created by our now deeply class divided ‘globalist’ society.

I’m 54 I was born in the 60s I didn’t know racism or elitism, I associated with all types of people – I never saw any other person as being anything but my equal.  It is only in the last 10 years I have realised just how divided our society is, which I know has been caused by the past 30 years of extremist neo-liberal economic violence against the poorer citizens, mostly fuelled by cruel, culturally offensive, globalist immigrants.

Below is the web page that lies about what Treasury/NZ govt do.   The idea that this government is fiscally responsible is ridiculous.  If they were they wouldn’t have run up a $60billion government debt (costing $billions in interest to foreign banks) because THEY REFUSE to take adequate taxes from the richest people, who now have most of the money and resources.  NO GOVERNMENT SHOULD BE ABLE TO RUN UP DEBT AND PASS IT ON TO THE NEXT GOVERNMENT TO DEAL WITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Government and Treasury ARE NOT A BUSINESS AND THE BUSINESS MODEL THEY ARE USING DOES NOT WORK – it causes unnecessary suffering, death, dissension, envy and hatred.  All gross violations of our unique Maori/Pakeha culture enshrined in constitutional laws, human rights, civil rights, etc, also our National Anthem (which Ardern just quoted after ChCh shootings, surprised lightening didn’t striker her where she stood).  Also guaranteed under UN treaty CONTRACTS signed by previous governments.

For example, why are they coming out and saying a cut in govt interest rate (I don’t understand how this really works by the way) is going to stimulate growth.   All I see around me is growth, house building going on everywhere – why are they making it easier to borrow money to stimulate growth??????    If they gave the disabled and poor of this country the resources and incomes THEY ARE ENTITLED TO BY LAW it would inject $millions into local economies.

Also why are people on invalids benefit not allowed to borrow money to buy a safe stable home to live in?????   I have a guaranteed income, I look after my home, as a disabled person I am required to have access to all those things my healthy peers do AS REQUIRED BY LAW.  It may take me longer to pay off a mortgage but why am I denied one????   It can’t be because my income is too low because I am currently paying rent and paying off the mortgage and expenses of the rental property I am in.

Building Homes for citizens is the law, building infrastructure is not

Jacinda Ardern and our corrupt cruel criminal neo-liberal extremist government HAVE MADE A CHOICE to use our country’s resources to fund and build infrastructure like, roads, schools, hospitals etc.  This is obviously a sign mass immigration of the world’s globalist rich will continue at illegal levels causing racism, dissension, envy and hate.    NONE OF THESE PROJECTS ARE REQUIRED TO BE PROVIDED UNDER NZ LAW OR  UNITED NATIONS TREATIES – while the disabled and poor local population will be denied culturally appropriate housing and adequate resources to live with dignity – WHICH IS REQUIRED UNDER LAW AND TREATY.

I’ve chalked and protested outside Treasury many times, not for a while because I am so poor I can’t get to Wellington to protest, which costs $22 on the train.  It is quite obvious from everything I have read that Treasury are the ones controlling and demanding extremist neo-liberal economics be forced onto our population.   NZ taxpayer doesn’t even own the Treasury building at No 1 the Terrace, they sold it off and now have to pay massive rent to the foreign owners.  They also lie on their website about how they care about people etc etc.  THEY DO NOT – these people are the money men, they are obsessed with money and greed, they are violent cruel extremists who are the leading cause of suicide, violence and crime in this country.  They are the ones refusing money for housing of disabled and poor, they are the ones demanding people on welfare be kept below the poverty line, etc etc.

Below is our corrupt neolib media maggots telling us half the story as usual.   New Zealand government used to employ the workers for the infrastructure projects they are talking about – now they contract it out to the filthy rich ‘middle men’ of this planet, who employ sub-conractors they can exploit and rip off.   It costs way more in taxes to pay profits to construction companies, middle men and sub-contractors than government to do it – stupid New Zealanders still demand privatisation of course.

Open Letter to WINZ Masterton manager Michelle & Jacinda Ardern & royal family

Dear Michelle & those who control her,

It the next morning after what happened yesterday, I am still incredibly fragile and on the verge of tears, my eyes are swollen I cried so much yesterday.  I can’t believe how inhuman cruel and callous you were, what is it about a desperate destitute terrified persecuted suicidal abuse victim that turns you into this???   The only word I can find to describe your appalling cruelty is EVIL.

You are going to give me an extra $7 when my rent is going up $40.   I know people living in motels for $150 a night and WINZ pay their rent – why won’t you pay mine???????   They don’t have to pay it back either – or do they????  Its the government who required to provide housing to disabled people, under the law, they havn’t and they show no signs of doing it so more people suffer, suicide, harm and are harmed.  WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO US MICHELLE – YOU ARE THE MANAGER OF WINZ MASTERTON – YOU MUST KNOW WHY THE GOVERNMENT CONTINUE WITH THESE SUICIDE CAUSING HATRED AGAINST DISABLED AND POOR FORCED TO ROT ON WELFARE.

When I phoned you I had been unable to get myself out of bed all morning, I had been trying to cope with the huge increase in my rent, trying to forget it was going to happen, trying to forget that things were about to get much much worse when I already couldn’t cope.   Having that sexual pervert contact me though the accommodation sign I put up at the supermarket made me even more frightened.

You do understand my behaviour is related to extreme overwhelming fear after years of medical neglect, criminal negligence, violence and discrimination by ACC, police, MOH, MSD and others.   I am not mentally ill, there is nothing dysfunctional about how my brain is reacting, it is completely normal to be terrorised to the point of Complex PTSD after this many years of persecution by neo-liberal extremist economic religious beliefs being implemented.  The way people who WERE PURPOSELY IMPOVERISHED were treated after 100,000s became unemployed with this new economic religion was criminal.  I still hope and pray one day those who did it and changed welfare laws especially to be cruel and degrading to those who WERE NO LONGER ALLOWED TO WORK will be prosecuted in a criminal court – and of course humiliated in public.

I have a mental injury, not a mental illness and as it sounds my brain is completely normal just my environment causing the damage and ongoing dysfunction – that is what neo-liberals want and get after 30 years, it insures people are kept terrified and they can create jobs and profits for drug companies, lawyers, security industry etc.

Why would you insult me on the phone like that when I was experiencing such overwhelming despair – Tina Hemi would never ever have insulted me like you did.  Obviously you have never been around someone suicidal and HATE them like most people do, like our government do, like neo-liberals do.   Why can’t you listen to the despair you create, I would imagine every single person who has the misfortune of having to deal with WINZ cries themselves to sleep many many times, your organisation is so degrading and demeaning.  Although rich people who turning 65 love it, especially if they are still working at high paid jobs.

How do you reconcile that with the suffering and economic violence you commit against disabled poor people like myself?   That old rich people in good jobs are going to get welfare when they turn 65, I would imagine you would do that so would be in complete agreement with it.  After all they wouldn’t have made you manager if you weren’t doing what neo-liberals in power wanted you to – and do it with conviction – you are certainly good at that.

If you are not going to hear my desperate screams for health care, justice and decent work, then who is, someone on the street perhaps?  A self-righteous Christian perhaps that wants to hug and insult you, telling you its only temporary and things will get better if you are a good person.   I am a good person Michelle, I understand the rape was just something bad that happened, but what the government, ACC, my family and ‘friends’ did to me after was worse than being raped.  What you are doing to me now is worse than being raped, the trauma I felt after yesterday is like getting over a rape or an attempted murder.

That’s what being as suicidal as I was yesterday is like, being the victim of your best friend trying to kill you, you made that feeling so much worse.  I have to sit on the side of my bed rocking backwards and forwards trying not to go to the knife drawer and end it, it is a living nightmare, torment and of course psychological torture.  You did that to me Michelle, I am not mentally ill for what happened – I walk around trying to pretend everything is OK and going to be OK, then it just all comes out and I can’t hold it back.  You would see this a lot with the people you terrorise, degrade and persecute, I would imagine the more intelligent and harmed by violence they are the worse it is.

Someone told me you have a lot fewer people forced to come in begging for food and money to live, that must make it so much easier for you, not having to look these people in the eye.  But then as manager you would seldom see the consequences of your cruelty, easier to keep doing it when you don’t have to face it.  That is what I have found over the years of protesting about being denied professional health care, rehabilitation and state house I am entitled to under ACC and other laws.  Books on abuses of power and cruelty are filled with it.

Check out the Milgram Experiment on youtube or the Stanford Prison experiment – you are the  person flicking the switch to kill people because someone in authority over you says, someone in a white coat says I am mentally disturbed and not to listen to me – but you know that’s not true, don’t you Michelle.   You are the violent guard enjoying his power over others, I am the prisoner they keep putting in the cupboard.

Please explain to me why the meeting Tina & Richard at WINZ were trying to organise between ACC, police, mental health, WINZ and myself was cancelled?   Don’t I at least have the right to know what happened and what was said, under the OIA and Privacy ACt I am entitled to a copy of my file, please provide that.  I would imagine the government is so corrupt they have avoided keeping emails or only done illegal things to harm me by phone, could you please write down WHY this meeting failed.   Please tell me why its OK I don’t have a doctor, why I don’t have professional health care when I won two court cases in 2010/11.  Please tell me why, please help me understand why I am being treated so cruelly when I am so unwell and all I want to do is go back to work and be safe in my own home.

All WINZ and government talk about is how people should work, I want to work more than anything, please help me be able to do that, please I am begging you.  At the moment I am so unwell terrorised being in a social situation wouldn’t be possible.  But my art and creativity is off the scale with the amount of stress and trauma I am being subjected to, why can’t we use that?   I not only do art about how bad my life is and how bad neo-liberal terrorism is, I do other stuff, lots of stuff, plays especially which could be world famous and perfect for tourists.   Stories about birds and races around  The Pinnacles, Palliser bay Sweeper,  Cook Strait, Harbour Hairpin, Wainui hill, Mount Aorangi, it goes over and over in my head.  I can see it as a play done by children in schools, a play done by professional actors at skate parks and other venues and of course a movie on the scale of Avatar.   The race route probably goes over James Cameron’s property, not that a worthless piece of garbage like me would ever get the opportunity to develop a story/myth etc like that.   One that includes Maori legend and disabled people/birds etc.

Please I have so many ideas for jobs, especially the amount of industrial waste I am seeing come from the building industry, its deeply disturbing and would be an excellent way of trying to earn my own money.  Sadly after the last police assault they damaged my wrist permanently this time and as it requires a lot of working with my hands I couldn’t do it for very long, but I’m sure there would be other disabled people I know DESPERATE FOR WORK who would.  So many of them expected to volunteer for free – volunteering should be for people who DON’T WANT TO WORK, not for people who do!  Exploiting disabled people by making them feel guilty if they don’t volunteer is disgusting – these people are so desperate.

I have been in several businesses in the past, I know what I am capable of now and I know I could not run a business, I NEED HELP AND HEALTH CARE I AM ENTITLED TO SO I CAN HEAL AND RETURN TO WORK.   That is all I have ever wanted, I thought that is what you wanted to, that’s what all the marketing and cruel demands to apply for 100s of jobs is about isn’t it.

Please be assured what you are doing for the government is driving people to violence and suicide, that is immoral and cruel.  Until recently NAZI were being put on trial and put in jail even in their 90s because of crimes during their reign of terror – only for those targeted for persecution and blame, not the bulk of the population.  The similarities about what I have read about pre-WWII Germany and what our govt are currently doing to targeted minorty group I am part of is terrifying.   How you cannot see this, when you are one of the GENERALS in this neo-liberal/NAZI persecution and exploitation of poor by insane wealthy elities is beyond me.  Hoefully this letter will get through to you and you will turn on those in the white jackets and not perpetrate the cruelty you are.

You text me with a $50 food grant on my card – I’m sorry I can’t use it and I find it extremely offensive you would do that after yesterday – I didn’t beg you for food did I?????  You remind me of some rich ignorant selfish neglectful parent who doesn’t want to spend any time with their child and just gives them THINGS to shut them up.  Causes a lot of teenage suicide in rich families.    I can’t use the food grant because I would have to go to a supermarket when I am really really fragile and offend the minimum wage checkout operator.  You obviously completely reject the idea that young people and most older women who required to work in these low paid jobs are resentful of people that LOOK OK and don’t work, getting food for free through the government/through their taxes.

You told me the last time I was forced to beg for food that there was no food grant money left for human sewage like me – now all of a sudden you come up with it – only to make yourself feel better about what you are doing to me.  Did the police suggest it perhaps, you phoned them to come intimidate me cause you know what they did to me and how terrified I am of them.  Thankfully they know not to engage with me unless they really have to – that’s because most police officers are disgusted in what is happening to me, but like you do their jobs without question.

I’m sure with having corrupt abusive Forensic Mental Health staff in your building they’ve illegally filled you in on all the lies they tell about me refusing mental health care.  I HAVE NEVER EVER REFUSED PROFESSIONAL MENTAL HEALTH CARE, they have refused me multiple times, then say to others I don’t want care.   Why do you think I am so screwed up, its because they lie and I can do nothing to stop the lies either.   I will be posting my 37 page complaint to medical council and privacy commissioner re Dr Justin Barry-Walsh in next few days.  It was interesting how when he is supposed to consult with my family, friends and others I suggest, he instead went to mental health services, police and lawyers that have never represented me.   I asked told him he could contact Tina, as she has known me for so long and understands the deterioration in my mental health over the years.

I am very sad you hurt Tina for helping me, very very sad and deeply disturbed.   Hopefully if I ever get a legal inquiry into how badly I have been treated, what people in teh system have done to try and help me and been disadvantaged for will be addressed.  Hopefully they will get compensation and recognition of the bullying and cruel tactics they were subjected to by their bosses LIKE YOU.

Did I tell you I can’t use the card because I feel so degraded and worthless when I do, I would rather eat my own feces at the moment.  Wish I could go to the food bank, I just can’t, those people are as degrading as WINZ, except they can go home and gossip about those people they gave food to – because they were losers who didn’t want to work!

I wish I didn’t HATE you but I do, I really really HATE you and everybody doing this to me – all of it illegal.  After 17 years of study I know my rights, I know what is happening to me and I know why, I also know it is illegal uncivilised and cruel.  Unlike majority of people who live in the darklands of this neo-liberal hell hole I spend almost all my waking hours trying to get help so I can work and educating myself as to why I can’t get what the law says, keeping myself informed of local and world events.  I seldom watch TV, can’t stand the advertising and propaganda, have you seen the neo-liberal propaganda ASB Bank is vomiting all over us at the moment.  How we are all one people no matter how many different nationalities.

Its extremely disturbing propaganda, putting so many cultures together who are driving disabled and poor locals out of their homes, jobs, health care, etc and our govt and business leaders committing cultural genocide against PAKEHA, ewwwwww.

Please ask yourself why you HATE me and persecute me, I never hurt you, I never stole your money, I never took food from your fridge and cupboard, I never insulted or patronised you, I never hurt any of your children or your family, I never drove you out of your home, I never made your life a living nightmare – I don’t even know you – so why do you do it to me??????  Is that why you couldn’t handle my phone call and answerphone messages, because I put the blame directly onto you as a human being and woman?   You want to pretend you’re just doing your job and hurting/terrorising disabled people like myself is your job.

I cant go on, I’ve started crying again, my heart is broken, what a evil cruel country I live in.

My heart is low
My head is bowed
From the depths the hell does rise
I can hardly move
Nothing will sooth
My broken heart no longer flies

I can see no future
Now a tortured creature
Looking out from blackened eyes
So much rejection
Like an injection
Of the suicidal size

Our society
Don’t want to see
How the system is full of lies
The market torture wheel
Doesn’t care or feel
They’re paid to ignore your cries

The money men
Shake hands and then
Hide their crimes behind skirts and ties


This is dedicated to you Michelle, to you Jacinda and to you William (or more correctly to your mum who is a distant relative of mine).

THIS WEBSITE IS SECURE – only google chrome saying its not, wonder why?

I have recently found it more and more difficult to get onto explorer and all the google advertising says change to google chrome.  So I have done that and google chrome is saying my website is NOT SECURE????  WTF

This is a very simple wordpress website, just like all the other wordpress websites, I have hardly any attached widgets and ask for very little – if anything.   Why would Google Chrome say this site is not secure unless they were looking for money ???  Or trying to censor what I say.


Complaint about Masterton Hospital’s abusive health processes A & E

This is a complaint about services at Masterton Hospital A & E, I am writing them on my blog and sending the link and a copy to the PATIENT EXPERIENCE (laugh out loud) person at the Wairarapa DHB, who always refuses to address any complaints,  This is not about the A & E doctor and nurses I dealt with on Monday 1 April when I presented with my badly grazed hand full of footpath grit I couldn’t get out myself, they were kind and professional.

This is about what happened on Wednesday 3 April when I went back to have the x-rays the doctor at A & E ordered only to discover the request had been removed and I was severely traumatised by the series of events that followed.  What should have taken 20mins to get an x-ray took 2 hours due to the negligence and unprofessional behaviour of unknown medical staff who cancelled the X-ray.

As part of the impairments I must deal with regarding my Complex PTSD, when stressed my flight and freeze response is set to extreme, so it is very difficult when that feeling you don’t want to be somewhere comes on, because your homing beacon goes off and the feeling to run away is overwhelming.  I missed out fight response because I can usually deal with that now, but I do believe it makes the other two much worse.

On Monday I fell over, I hurt my hand, I tried to get the stones under my skin out, but they were lodged and the pain was excruciating, I had no Panadol or alcohol to dull it.  The only way to get them out was the hospital A & E, I currently do not have a doctor and the Carterton Medical Centre is extremely hostile towards me, also I am not registered I would have to pay $75 to see a nurse – maybe more.  I don’t have $75, I live terrorised and poor on invalids benefit in a rental I can’t afford.

It was a huge decision for me because the last few times I have been at A & E were extremely traumatising.  There is a TV screen at A & E that constantly says not to go there if you can go to your GP, which makes me feel really really bad.  It says other things that are very upsetting about suicide and violence, about how there is support when I know what they offer is worse than no support at all.

The last time I was there for myself was when the police violently assaulted me with handcuffs and caused permanent damage to my right wrist.  I can’t talk any more about that as it is triggering me again.  Because my injury was again my right wrist I became triggered by continuous flashbacks to my hospital visit after the last two acts of unwarranted criminal violence towards me.  Both I made complaints about, both ignored, two officers even lied in court about what happened.  And my visits to A & E were both traumatic because SOME staff were unprofessional, did not know how to accommodate impairments related to my disability and made the experience worse.

Even now I am starting to became distressed about what happened and I really don’t want to write this because I HATE BEING UPSET AND CRYING, but I know I have to and I know I am not going to have to write it again.

I had to wait less than an hour, the receptionist didn’t like it but allowed me to stay to have the wound on my palm dealt with.  I was doing all I could to not be triggered by the flashbacks I started to have and being surrounded with government propaganda of police and threats to be removed if you become abusive.  As I now have a tourettes type response with triggered it is very distressing that might happen and staff wouldn’t understand and have me removed or police called – I am terrified of most police.

I managed to not cry and not tick for most of the time I was waiting, thank God.  Where once I could have easily dealt with such an event, with my disability I am unable to cope (without the health care ACC were supposed to reinstate in 2010, or the services mental health say they provide but just not to me).  I was seen by Dr Smith, I had to wait 45 mins for a numbing cream to work before he started to remove the skin and grit, I was also given gas.  I asked him if there was a hospital volunteer or someone who could sit with me while I waited alone in the cubicle as I was trying not to freak out and resist the urge to run away (leave the hospital), cry, rock and curl up in a ball in the corner of the room (which had happened after the first police assault and threats of worse violence when I was left alone for a long time by health staff).

They couldn’t get anybody like that so the nurse sat with me and talked for as long as she was able.  I was very grateful they had listened to my request, this is what I do to manage impairments related to my disability so I am not further traumatised/harmed (my disorder is compounding) and my life extremely stressful anyway.  When Dr Smith finished dressing the severe grazes he felt around my wrist and I winced when he touched the inside of my wrist.  This was very painful, but had remained sore to touch since the police assaulted me in August? 2018.  He suggested I have an x-ray, I told him I had one last year when I hurt it and there was nothing, he wanted me to have another anyway.  I told him I had not been able to have any follow up after the wrist injuries last year because of my stress disorder and not being able to stay in A & E, as well as having no doctor, or being able to go to a doctor.

I started to cry as I wanted to have the x-ray but I had been fighting myself for the entire time I was there so I didn’t run away, now he added on some more time my psych just couldn’t cope.  Dr Smith understood why I couldn’t stay, he understood I wanted the x-ray but had reached my coping limit, he suggested I come back for the x-ray when I was feeling better.   I cried again because he understood and offered me an option that accommodated my impairments and would allow me to get the health services I needed.  So few hospital and health staff ever do this, or even know they should.   The continuous propaganda about EVERYBODY HAS CHOICES seems to make most people callous and cruel towards people who can’t do things out of extreme fear (based on past experiences), and of course serious mental health & psychosocial issues.

Dr Smith was so nice, he did a great job, hurt me as little as he could, though it did hurt.  He reassured me several times that he would leave the x-ray request at the x-ray department and all I would need to do was come back to there, without having to go through A & E (which traumatises and triggers me).   Can someone please make sure Dr Smith sees the x-rays as I think they gave me some other person to view them and I don’t know if that person is trustworthy.

My discharge summary says under Advice to Patient.

Jayne we have cleaned and dressed the abrasions – all the sand has been washed out.
Keep the dressing on for 5-7 days – replace as needed
You can get it wet – just dry it gently.

Your urine tested positive for infection – herewith the script

You are still tender in the wrist – I have put in for an xray – attend when suits if you don’t want to today.

Come back any concerns

I had been trying to make myself go to A & E for months about my ongoing bladder/kidney infections as I havn’t seen a doctor for years due to my disability and appalling unprofessional behaviour by Carterton Medical Centre and others.  I now also can’t afford to see one as it will cost me $75 from my invalids benefit.  I have had these infections getting worse for years, corresponding with my period on a monthly basis.  I have to wear a pad every day and have humiliating experiences with wetting myself, especially when my bladder is infected.  About five years ago, while living in Wainuiomata I tried to have the worsening incontinence addressed and was supposed to go for ‘invasive’ tests.  My mental health was very bad over there due to my dangerous living situation at the time and ACC continuing to reinstate my care from 2009.  The nurse I was working with organised for the tests but when I said I needed my mental health care reinstated so I had psychosocial support to attend she was very callous and cruel.  She said if I didn’t want to go that was my choice, also there was nothing she could do about getting me the ACC or mental health care I was asking for, no  matter how many tribunal hearings I had won (I had won two).

This current infection has lasted more than three weeks so far and I manage it with parsley tea a few times a day, I can’t drink coffee or even a small amount of alcohol or it sets it off.  I had to go to the toilet to pee twice while waiting at A & E.  I desperately need to see a doctor, mental health know this, the Minister of Health and several MPs know this, Kieran McAnulty knows this, Stephen Enright at Director of mental health’s office knows this, DHB mental health services know this, Carterton Medical Centre know this, police know this, court staff know this, Simon Watt from Compass Health/Bell Gully knows this, so do Masterton Medical and Whaiora (who both said they weren’t taking more clients, which I don’t believe is true, when at MMC with my sick friend recently I watched a young man come in and sign up on the spot, he wasn’t told they weren’t taking patients – which is what emails from MMC told me).  I have made previous complaints to the DHB about not being able to access health care and being discriminated against, all are ignored.

I told the nurse about the infection and she did a urine test to confirm, Dr Smith gave me some antibiotics but I didn’t really want them because I knew this was an issue that required surgery, not continuous antibiotics.  My bladder doesn’t empty properly due to a kink in my urethra (this is an hereditary condition), I already have a pelvic sling, put in 17 years ago.  Bacteria builds up and causes infections, which move up into my right kidney and cause me pain.  My right kidney doesn’t work properly from being sick when a baby, my left kidney is 1.5 times normal size to compensate – according to ultrasound tests done before my pelvic sling operation.  I tried to have this health issue addressed years ago but failed due to ignorant cruel negligent health staff.

I went to have the xray on Wednesday, I don’t like going to the hospital because of what the DHB have done to me in the past (ie they had me arrested and dragged through court for wilful trespass for doing a legal protest about abusive negligent mental health staff) and because of my flashbacks to police violence I have had to go there to get treatment.  I had prepared myself, I was relatively calm (although a good friend of mine is very sick at the moment and I have been having to support her, spent hours with her at A & E the Monday before my accident and every day since – she refused to stay in hospital like they wanted – she also has a stress disorder).  I have also become very isolated and terrified of being around people as I am subjected to a lot of discrimination and have little money to go out due to the grinding stressful terrifying poverty I am being subjected to.  I never drink much alcohol, I go out to socialise with people, I can sing and used to go to karaoke every week but I don’t do that any more after several horrible bigotry events at the venue.

I got to the x-ray department, I said Dr Smith has left an x-ray request for me.  I had to get money out of my very small savings account ($55) to pay for the petrol to get there.   I am too terrified and unwell to catch public transport in Wairarapa, most people in this region are horrible to people like myself, it is very sad and completely ignored by our community leaders.  The woman at the desk said there wasn’t a request and I became very upset, being told there is health care and being refused it at the cliff face is the story of my life since I was hurt in a crime in 2002.

She was very nice and said she would sort it out when I told her what Dr Smith had said.  The sorting out was horrendous for me, I was forced to go back into the A & E department and wait to be seen again, which took a long time, I was very unwell and traumatised, rocking, ticking, crying, almost curled up in a ball at times.  The posters and TV screen were subjecting me to constant flashbacks and it was all I could do not to run out of the building.  Then one of the advertisements on the DHB controlled TV THAT CANNOT BE SWITCHED OFF BY STAFF came up as Speak out about violence towards women.  The same words on the banner in the Masterton police station I threw red washable poster paint on in January 2018 in response to police lying and getting away with violently assaulting me and threatening me with ‘as bad as police could be’ – eg Louise Nicholas I assumed.  The same banner I am currently in court for, that I still can’t get a lawyer for and have strangely and illegally been denied legal aid.

I became distraught when I saw that on the screen, I asked the receptionist to turn it off, begged her to turn it off.  She came and turned off TV that was on some TV show off, I told her it was the other one that was triggering me, she said she couldn’t turn that one off.  That screen was also showing advertisements for how great mental health services were and to go to your doctor, all things I know are not true.  Anybody who has read George Orwell’s book 1984 would be horrified – I was horrified, they were even advertising the private hospital as better than public hospital waiting times – ie driving privatisation by illegally causing unnecessary suffering and death.

Under the Official Information Act can I please have a copy of all the advertisements that were playing in the morning on Wednesday 3 April in the A & E department at Masterton Hospital.

Several nurses came to see me, through my distress I told them Dr Smith had requested the x-rays.  Nobody would tell me why they had been cancelled, nobody would tell me who cancelled them, because I know Dr Smith wouldn’t have, he was quite adamant I was to have the xray and I would be seen at the department when I could make myself go there.

I want to know who cancelled the xray and why they would do that knowing I was going to come in, they had verified all my contact details with all their forms on the Monday, they could have phoned or text me to say not to come.  They also would have had to give me an explanation why  Dr Smith had changed his mind, which I bet they didn’t have.  The person who cancelled the xray was a cruel ignorant spiteful person who violated my rights as a disabled person by refusing to accommodate impairments related to my disability.  Impairments Dr Smith had recognised and dealt with so professionally and SOMEONE had removed which will make it even more difficult to go to A & E or the hospital.  My Complex PTSD is compounding, so trauma on trauma just makes me more unwell and being denied mental health, ACC and other necessaries of life by our cruel corrupted neo-liberal controlled health system is killing me.

Note I have not taken the antibiotics and Dr Smith said I should keep the script if my bladder infection gets so bad I can’t stand it and parsley tea doesn’t work.  I havn’t picked up the script for paracetamol either and don’t have any in the house, because it would be $5 through the chemist.  I don’t have spare money for things like that, plus I self-harm and going through pain unnecessarily is part of my disorder.  Its to do with being suicidal, knowing there is absolutely no hope for my future and wanting to die – you don’t want to care for yourself if there is no reason to live.

I would also like to note from being with my friend at A & E the Monday before and my visit, that the time until we are seen by a nurse is different to that put on the Discharge Summary.  Also both of us said we were smokers and it says we don’t smoke, what’s that about?  Funding perhaps?  I don’t drink, I don’t do drugs, I do hardly anything I used to before I was hurt and my life is extremely stressful so sometimes I smoke.  I wish I didn’t but self-harming to cope is really really horrible & smoking is less and of course social.  The friends I have now have disabilities, can seldom get work and all smoke, dying slowly at least will end our lives early.  Living poor in New Zealand is a living nightmare after 30 years of illegal austerity, advancing of rich and persecuting of poor to profit rich.  I’m sure DHB Chair Paul Collins knows exactly what I am talking about, he has been instrumental in driving Wairarapa to No 1 in NZ for suicide, No 1 for compulsory treatment orders and psychotropic drug prescriptions, No 1 in NZ and the world for self-harm and youth suicide, etc etc.



I Don’t Want To Live

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When charities are used to degrade & disgrace
Where self-righteous bigots work for the rich
Enjoying disabled & poor thrown drugged in a ditch

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When naïve artists are used to ignore a disgrace
Where lawyers & doctors & wealthy elites
Enjoy driving mad those not allowed to compete

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When media are used to brainwash & disgrace
Where idols on TV bullshit every word
Enjoying the fact those hurting aren’t heard

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When landlords & agents exploit poor a disgrace
Where those profiting from the economics of hate
Enjoy their houses, our money, their holidays, our fate

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When being suicidal and poor is Number 1 a disgrace
Where suicide prevention is police violence, forced drugs
Enjoying abuses of power being fascists and thugs

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When I’m called a bludger, a nutter, a disgrace
Where they make me a criminal for doing what’s right
Enjoying the fact they profit while I fight

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When I’m treated as worthless, rejected a disgrace
Where I’m only a burden to those that I love
Enjoying life’s not possible while the ground I’m above

I don’t want to live in this cruel evil place
When everybody ignores the injustice disgrace
Where charities and governments inflict blow after blow
Enjoying the profits and power from their marketing show.


(Like the one at the park next to Trust House – well meaning ignorance.)


A sad testament to Jacinda Ardern’s Labour government – still Libertarian at heart with the perversion of the charity industry.  New Zealand 2019 after that marketing show in front of the United Nations.  I know dozens of things they could do immediately to relieve the pressure on those with disabilities, could be done under urgency and would put money into the community at the grass roots level.  For example, making ACC provide full entitlements, including money and safe stable culturally appropriate, disabled enhanced homes – as required by law.  Putting all people who suffer an illness/injury on invalids benefit within six months, poor people who spend in the community are being defrauded of $60 per week for YEARS.  Law says 2 years, but doctors were encouraged not to do it.  These people are forced to get WINZ documents signed four times a year rather than once a year which takes up time for health services already overstretched.  Now nurses are going to do it the chances more women will be denied ongoing disability allowances is going to get worse – from my extensive experience.

I at library and left other page of poem at home, another four verses, might make it into a punk or metal song, I love the restriction of rhyme and word, makes the art even better.  Also love repetition, I’ve woken up two mornings in a row with two new verses, but havn’t written them down, not good to dwell on those things that drive your despair.  They’re there waiting though, very stressed and very creative at the moment.  Havn’t been on my website for ages, computer out of action, I’m sure it a virus as those in power try and shut me down.

Only reason I can think I am such a threat is my demand for drug free methods of treatment – the pharmaceutical industry is extremely powerful and profitable.  I have been posting a lot on my youtube channel through my spare phone, but its not easy with 2 hour downloads for 5 mins.

Definitely know corruption in mental health is at the top in the Directorate of mental health, was discussing this with Stephen Enright in that office.  Far as he is concerned us peasants supposed to look after ourselves, traumatised terrorised unwell people, being exploited and further harmed by traumatised terrorised unwell people.  Thats the Libertarian Utopia Peter Thiel, Helen Clark, Ruth Richardson and John Key etc wanted.  That is illegal under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act 1961 – see other pages for links.  Grrrr

Doing heaps of art at the moment, got several guerrilla protest missions planned, should be scary fun, have asked the police to keep a sense of humour.  Lots more I havn’t done because I’m really frightened after the assault with handcuffs, my wrist never fully recovered, putting away my firewood for winter isn’t pleasant – and makes me dislike the police and IPCA intensely.

I havn’t been typing, just realising how much I miss it, how therapeutic it is for me, been doing it for so many years.  Been hand writing things and photocopying at a local shop.  Always fighting in the red tape war, like I said, check out my youtube channel.  JR Murphy Poet

ADDED 12 March – things really rough at the moment, I go from passionate and strong to terrified and weak, my brain trying to cope with the insanity of being so poor I have to beg for food while being owed $10,000 by the government and even have a legal decision to say they were supposed to pay me $18 a week for the past 10 years.

Got told by head person at WINZ that now deals with me, when I had to beg for money for firewood today (that I HAVE TO PAY BACK), ACC was my problem and nothing to do with them.  She got angry and aggressive because I was crying and distraught, told me she would hang up if I didn’t calm down – calm down – how do they expect people to react to what I am being subjected to.   More examples of corruption, just asking for health care, welfare and home I’m entitled to by law and that is what I get, purposely made to beg for money from the government rather than get the $10,000 for my Independence Allowance I could use to help me get help and create a business from my art or the multiple other ideas I have.

And as for Jacinda Ardern saying this morning Kiwibuild wasn’t doing well due to MARKET FAILURE – WTF – not Market fkn failure its failure of the government and neo-liberal terrorist elites.  How that marketing maggot sleeps at night is beyond my comprehension.

New Punk Song – Handcuffs Are Not a Weapon – New Zealand police!

Handcuffs are not a weapon
Police are not there to harm
Freedom of speech is a right under law
Cruel cops now the Devil’s right arm

Poverty’s the worst form of violence
Begging degrades and does harm
Homes, jobs and care are rights under law
Charities now the Devil’s left arm

Suicide prevention’s promotion
Now killing good people’s a job
Media and money controls everything
Devil’s got the minds of this mob

New Zealand is not a democracy
Rule of law protects only the rich
Judges and lawyers are unjust and cruel
Devil’s got them as his bitch


Just wrote suicide prevention verse, wrote the others over past few months, knew there was one more to be written.  Each of the verses a separate poem in its own right.  Put together with my punk riff, metal pedal – Am, open string, G, open string –  its a wicked song I love singing and all of it true.  can’t wait to perform it outside court house.

More Propaganda from the Suicide Show – The Project

The following news item might be good advice for middle class and wealthy people who don’t really have many problems compared with the poorest in our society.  Particularly the 20% of the people that experience 80% of the crime according to police statistics – I’m in that ‘cultural’ group.  A string of mentally unwell flatmates has seen to that.  I have a song called Human Sewage, check out my Youtube Channel its on there.

I’m also contributing to crime according to police – through my non-violent challenging activism.  I am challenging unjust authority within my rights to freedom of expression under International and NZ Constitutional laws.  I follow the guidelines of the UN Charter for a Civil Society and a Civil Society Actor/Activist.

I would be out on the streets with my signs, guitar and chalk much more, but I am getting over a recent violent assault with handcuffs and have a lot of fear.  They permanently damaged my right wrist and it would be extremely painful to be in handcuffs again – although I still have my wrist brace and will wear that on any future protest.

Below is the news item that set this post off, I am tired of this, when the most unwell people don’t even have safe places to live or necessities of life.