Not ‘all the white man’s fault’ RACIST ELITIST neo-liberal terrorist BS from NZ First

Below is a news item that makes me really angry – making the removal of poor children from poor women who victims of domestic/flatmate violence A RACE ISSUE.   Its the media who chose to follow this particular removal of a child from a parent – they are the ones who made it a race issue.  There plenty of impoverished, terrorised, victims of crime and violence, who are all poor people of all different ethnic backgrounds HAVING THEIR CHILDREN TAKEN – rather than the EXTENSIVE professional health care and support they are entitled to under ACC law.  Which includes help with children if you have a mental injury from abuse yourself, which includes having a safe stable home!!!!!!!!!!!!  Read the ACC legislation like I have!!!!!!

I was a candidate for NZ First in 1993 in Wairarapa, Winston refused to support me in any way because his good friend Wyatt Creech as the MP here – Creech is now Chair of the privatised health provider Health Care NZ – he is instrumental in me being denied all health care!  FACT!!!!

Many times I begged NZ First to help me get my ACC care – not just for me but for all abuse victims – they ignored me – they are not interested in helping poor people whatsoever!!!  They are really keen on rich people exploiting them and profiting from them, but actual professional health care and safe homes – HELL NO.    Ron Mark lives in my town I went to see him last year and was abused for even asking for ACC care and professional mental health care!!!!   According to him he was an abuse victim and I should get on with my life!!!

Ron was taken from his parents at 3 years old and put with a red neck white family to obviously trained him up to HATE poorest Maori.  He would not have remembered any abuse and yet he tried to tell me he knew how I felt – WTF.   He also told me before the last election that everything would be OK when NZ First was in power, that I would get my ACC reinstated after waiting nine years and winning two court cases, that I would get mental health services etc.  Of course it wasn’t and isn’t, ACC continue to deny me health care and the $10,000 in unpaid Independence Allowance they owe me.  That is my money, it is $18 a week supposed to help me be INDEPENDENT IN THIS HELL HOLE COMMUNITY, courts said it was to be reinstated nine years ago.   NZ First know all this – I’ve written to them for years – they ignore it – they prefer HATE AND BIGOTRY.

As a New Zealander who considers myself one with this land and one people with Maori – as most of us locally born from the 60s 70s 80s do – I admire Maori for being the ones to stand up to our corrupt government persecuting and denying basic necessities of life to impoverished women – often disabled women.   If we had the state housing and health care we had BEFORE NEO-LIBERAL TERRORISTS DESTROYED OUR CULTURE AND COUNTRY – then 80% of these child removals would be unnecessary!!!!!!!!!


I’m sure NZ First voters didn’t realise govt would be formed to implement 1800 more police and $20 billion in defence force spending – demanded by the United States to protect us from China.   Which we do need protecting from, but of course our government are more interested in their money buying up all our assets – so they can feed their own people and deprive locals of what they produce – especially poorest locals.

NZ First voters are leaving in droves because Winston didn’t do what they wanted and make sure the government limited immigration (because immigrants are driving NZers from their homes and decent jobs) and of course reinstated taxes to the filthy disgusting rich pigs of this hell hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Otago University in New Zealand – centre of neo-liberal propaganda!!!!

Below is a news item I just saw on Microsoft News service in New Zealand – you know if they have it on their website (WHICH I CANNOT REMOVE FROM MY HOME PAGE when I open a new tab).   Below are some issues I want you to consider:

  1.   Since when does NZ have a CENTRE FOR PEACE AND CONFLICT???????  Your taxes pay for that and neo-liberals created it in order to terrorise those people who HAVE EVERY REASON NOT TO TRUST ANYBODY IN THIS HELL HOLE FOR THE POOR AND UTOPIA FOR RICH PIGS.
  2. A survey of 1000 people out of 5million – how did they survey them????   Did those people have home phone lines, or internet access – which poor people often do not have.
  3. Its interesting how this elitist university person goes on about trust – as a disabled victim of our government and subjected to 80% of the crime in NZ I have no trust in anybody.  Why would I, you can’t trust anybody when you live rotting in poverty, denied ALL HEALTH CARE and justice.
  4. It is a well known fact 20% of the NZ population experience 80% of the crime – ALL OF THESE MILLION PEOPLE live in poverty, majority of these people are terrorised abused women.  NZ has the highest rate of domestic/flatmate violence IN THE OECD – that is because our govt are corrupt and do not provide state housing for disabled people AS REQUIRED BY LAW.
  5. Was this information put up as news by our corrupted neo-liberal media for propaganda purposes????   To make people think there is nothing to worry about, to make tourists think there is nothing to worry about.
  6. I live in the darklands of this neo-liberal nightmare, I can assure those people who have easy good lives – you have a lot to worry about cause the poorest most destitute and persecuted people in this hell hole are going to come for the rich.

I read a lot of news reports and the worst, most bias and elitist neo-liberal propaganda comes from Otago University.  That is the centre for child abuse, for persecution of poor families, for hate, for persecution of victims of crime and criminal negligence by govt/ACC/mental health.  ACC centre for REMOTE CLAIMANTS – ie people illegally denied treatment care rehab and homes they entitled to under ACC law – is based on Dunedin/Otago.  If I phone any ACC number from my phone it automatically goes to an answerphone that is NEVER EVER RESPONDED TO.

Don’t believe me about how corrupt NZ universities are then check out Chris Hedges and others now criticising them all around the world.  They are the ones who spread neo-liberal economics and brainwashed millions of students into believing it was the only possible economic model.  Why do you think heads of universities in NZ are paid the most obscene salaries in this country.  Just like head of Police, ACC etc.   Fact is the most corrupt neo-liberal terrorists in NZ get the most money – the new (Adrian Orr) Reserve Bank Gov has been one of the most highest paid public servants in NZ – he is the most corrupt as well.   He’s presiding over a global economic collapse and all us peasant going to pay soon – the poorest and those in rentals will pay the most of course!

Universities are supposed to be full of the most intelligent people in our country (lots of neo-liberal elitist foreigners in there now).   They are the ones the government relies on for information – they are the ones who have made NZ No 1 in the OECD for youth suicide, domestic/flatmate violence, women self-harm, eating disorders and of course homelessness.   The following CENTRE FOR PEACE knows how many NZers (mostly local people of all ethnic backgrounds who were born here) are subjected to violence and crime.  They know it is caused by poverty and people not having their most basic human needs met for safety, shelter and food security.

Here is the news item – I would contact this ‘Centre’ and this university lecturer but I know there is absolutely no point.  I do this all the time when I see BS from Otago University – nothing changes.  These people in our universities are THE MOST ELITIST bigoted murderers in our country.  All they do is work out ways to create jobs and profits to exploit terrorised impoverished victims of crime.  And by the looks of this article to make sure majority of NZ citizens live ignorant and happy with their lives.

Elites R Cannibals – Poem

Don’t believe a thing they say
Rich and powerful had their day
Have your pitchforks at the ready
Elites are few and we are many

3 decades thieving from us peasants
Using propaganda for things unpleasant
Now farming us like animals
REBEL !!  Resist these cannibals

All history proves we will win
Against this enemy within
Now’s the time to decide
How violent will be this turning tide!!

Never enD

Why is NZ Journalist Sophie Bateman hiding her YouTube videos?

Been reading some of the most ignorant elitist BS from this young woman journalist.   Found a link to a youtube post she did couple of years ago so tried to find other stuff on her youtube channel.   But it appears there is a way of stopping people from seeing everything you post on youtube and just having it selectively available to some people.  Ewwwwww.

Come on Sophie you ignorant journalist maggot – why don’t you want me and others to see everything you post?????   Here is the link I found, I also discovered she has no followers and nothing else can be checked out or looked up – what is she trying to hide.

I stupidly watched bits of Breakfast on TV 1 this morning and The Am Show on TV 3 – it was horrendous bias bigoted business news by Oligarchs.    A bunch of construction industry people DEMANDING THE GOVERNMENT GIVE THEM JOBS WITH ROADING PROJECTS – WTF?????    And the guy on the TV said over and over again, how their workers won’t be able to feed their families if they don’t have these government projects – WTF????????????

Amazing how these VERY WEALTHY BUSINESS MAGGOTS say they are capitalist, then expect the government to provide them work???????????????   NZ IS BROKE – TAXPAYERS ARE BROKE – our country is trading insolvent.    These people won’t build homes for disabled and poor NZers, they want construction for the rich pig NZers and immigrants.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its capitalism, if there is no work then the business takes the losses and closes down – they don’t go whining and demanding money FROM THE FKN GOVERNMENT – FROM THE TAXPAYER to prop up their businesses – THEY GO UNDER AND EVERYBODY LOSES THEIR MONEY AS THEY SHOULD FOR MAKING SUCH BAD INVESTMENTS WHEN THERE WAS ONLY TEMPORARY WORK – LIKE THE CHCH EARTHQUAKE.   I would also like to point out local contractors were denied work in their own communities so these big business oligarch scum got all the money and profits!

Don Brash THE TURD THAT WON’T FLUSH – trashing ACC again

Firstly Don Brash is one of the most corrupt neo-liberal terrorists in New Zealand, he destroyed this country while Reserve Bank governor – he is now 80 years old, nobody listens to that revolting old bigot – except other revolting old bigots!   What concerned me the most is the article trashing ACC ‘compensation’, just like the video by that Victim Support CEO going on and on about compensation and entitlement.   Ewwwwwww

Don Brash states as fact that all those parents were only after large compensation payouts for their ‘infant’ children – ewwwww.   Yes there was sexual abuse hysteria at the time but the idea that these parents were doing it to get ACC compensation is ridiculous and I AM SURE THEY WOULDN’T EVEN KNOW IT WAS AVAILABLE.  Plus I don’t even know if is available, to get payouts for historical sexual abuse is very difficult and must prove dysfunction of some sort.   The children WERE OBVIOUSLY NOT INFANTS if they were talking to police etc.

It upset me a lot to see Judith Ablett-kerr beside him as I have begged her several times to be my lawyer and she ignores me.

The NEw Zealand government is still being run by cruel corrupt violent abusive neo-liberal terrorist scum who want all government money to support their business interests and create them huge profits.  Its nothing about caring for people or society, its nothing about peace and justice – its about violence and injustice.  I can imagine there are many people like me now screaming at them for compensation after years of criminal negligence by corrupt government organisations – especially those privatised organisations who are never held to account by anybody and continue to make New Zealand No 1 in the developed world for youth suicide, self-harm, domestic/flatmate violence and homelessness.


Jacinda Ardern & Meghan Markle join forces in Vogue to INSULT #METOO & POOR WOMEN!

I was horrified to see this news item this morning all over mainstream media – two powerful elitist maggots instrumental in making sure ALL disabled and poor victims of crime, violence and government corruption continue to suffer, live in terror, be killed and suicide.   Its sick – I write to Jacinda, she knows how abusive welfare forms and processes are for disabled abuse victims.  She knows how abusive mental health services are, she knows the government are using taxes to advance rich and business while denying disabled and poor their most basic human needs – safety, shelter and food security.

I see also Ardern’s popularity is going down – because our corrupt media have started their run up to our elections next year – this is a new thing for NZ, we never used to get political crap on TV until it was election time.    I believe the objective of neo-liberal terrorist murderers who control our media is to turn people off even watching TV news.   Ardern is nothing more than a globalist marketing phoney who has done nothing to help the most impoverished local population in New Zealand.  Ardern has caused and incited more harm, more racism, more bigotry and of course MORE HATE.   She says one thing and acts to do the opposite, ewwwwww.

The radicalised global neo-liberal elites who run all mainstream media and BS for rich pigs obviously trying to incite HATE against these women – because that is all I feel when I read what this murderer Ardern is doing.    She is the one telling police to prosecute and terrorise me rather than give me the ACC care and $10,000 they owe me.  Keep me unemployed, deny me all health care, terrorise me for asking for health care I am entitled to.  JACINDA ARDERN IS A CORRUPT LYING NEO-LIBERAL TERRORIST MAGGOT karma coming to that evil bich!

And of course the Royal Family who we all know is embroiled in sexual abuse scandals and using the judiciary to avoid responsibility and prosecution.   Alongside the millionaires, alongside the film industry – ewwwww and still the rich keep spouting BS and lies.   I truly hope these two lying maggots of women, who are leeches off us peasant women –  WHO PAY FOR THEIR LIFESTYLES and pay with our lives get the karma they deserve and experience the suffering and terror we do every day.

Jacinda Ardern corrupt neo-liberal oppressor who HATES disabled #metoo women

From: Jayne R
Sent: Tuesday, 23 July 2019 4:28 AM
To: HANSEN, Jennifer <>;
Jacinda Ardern MP <>;
Jan Logie MP <>;
Sarah Jones <>;>;
Ann Rice <>;
Day, Nelda <>;
Michele Eades <>

Subject: I woke up crying at 3am – my whole body wants to curl up and die AGAIN – you women are HATE!

Why are you doing this to me, all I asked for was the health care and home I am entitled to under the law – why do you do this to me and so many other terrorised victims of crime and criminal neglect?  Why do you HATE me?   I don’t understand – I have never hurt anybody, I have never hurt any of you –  they hurt me, you hurt me – just for asking for help I am entitled to.   Not what you now say is help, which is ACTUALLY HATE, I want what science says, what the law says, what UN treaties say – not begging, criminal neglect and being denied the necessities of life, which you enjoy soooo much, actual professional health models and those things ALL HUMAN BEINGS REQUIRE as defined by Abraham Maslow.

I’m sick again with this kidney/bladder infection again, its every month now, the tests were supposed to be five years ago.  You have made sure I have not even been allowed to see a doctor for the past four years.  How you all deceive and distract yourselves by focusing on other people and other countries is deeply disturbed behaviour.  We all live HERE – you know that country No 1 in the world for domestic/flatmate violence and self-harm by the women here – you all do that – you are all responsible for that – you all ignore that and you all ignore me and make sure I am harmed for telling the truth about what is going on and asking for those things me and other victims of abuse are entitled to under law.

The HATE you incite with your passive inaction – the HATE you perpetrate by avoiding the truth and by allowing what is happening to me – I have never hurt anybody, they hurt me, all I asked for was the ACC care and welfare I am entitled to under multiple laws – you allowed and participated in doing that.  I truly hope one day what you have done to me is exposed for what it is CRUEL OPPRESSIVE HATE!


Jayne R
Civil Society Activist

I see Jacinda whining poverty won’t be fixed in one budget – but at least she could stop Ministry of Social Development from degrading and terrorising poor with their red tape war.  At least they could stop all the BS ‘justice’ commissions, tribunals and courts from destroying and terrorising people.   There are so many things they could change in the next week that would let the pressure off the poorest and most affected by poverty – but they won’t.  Example stop the constant demand for health providers to write sick notes for people with long term disabilities!!!! Only people profiting from that are already filthy rich doctors.

Jacinda has also been instrumental in making sure none of my art, poetry, music or plays are ever performed, endorsed or seen by those in power or the community.  As Minister of the Arts she only supports those art projects that are extravagant and meaningless propaganda – just like her idol Helen Clark did.

Also they don’t want to fix poverty then where would all the rich and middle class throw their used furniture, clothing and crap they buy – so they can buy more crap?????

Our PM should be preparing for a global financial collapse and millions of NZers refusing to give up their homes to greedy landlords and banks.   Along with taking back land from people who were given too much money by banks and never ever worked for it – so we can grow food and provide for ourselves when the government and rich pigs have made sure we cannot!

Simon What You Forgot

Simon What you forgot
Poor suffering and dying not our lot

Simon What you forgot
The people found out your evil plot

Simon What you forgot
Justice and right will stop your rot

Simon What you forgot
Karma coming to cruel greedy snot

Simon What you forgot
The tears of the poor will get you lot!


University of Auckland – Leading the way to suicide, domestic violence & homelessness

I just found this document below, its quite old but the list of wealthy donors shows the level of corruption by rich pigs in our society and how they get to our universities – which was highlighted by Prof David Harvey recently.   Why are the NZ police giving to this charity, why are the government giving to this charity.  Insulting how they talk about WELLBEING if you read it.

OBVIOUSLY what they have been doing for the last seven years, since 2012 HAS NOT WORKED AT ALL TO IMPROVE WELLBEING to our society.  Rich pigs with lots of money to pay for health care etc, they’ve done really well – but not the poorest people – things are much worse for us.   WHY ARE WE CONTINUING TO DO RESEARCH INTO KEEPING PEOPLE ALIVE WHEN THERE ARE TOO MANY PEOPLE IN TEH WORLD NOW AND 50% OF THE POPULATION CAN’T AFFORD TO GET BASIC HEALTH CARE, LET ALONE SPECIALISTS OR THE EXPENSIVE DRUGS CORRUPT DRUG COMPANIES PRODUCE – most of them created through our public universities!

I had someone abuse me on facebook and I can’t respond cause I’m blocked at the moment – for telling a politician what I thought of him.   My investigation into who this man was lead me here and to Auckland Transport – yet another person who profits from sucking up to politicians.  This guy Tim Enright, will profit from trolling Golriz ??? From Green party – I criticized the revolting hag who says she stands up for victims of human and civil rights violations, people who are being oppressed for freedom of speech in New Zealand.   Which of course she doesn’t and neither does the entire Green Party who HATE MY GUTS for telling the truth.   She only does it for her own people on the other side of the world, what is happening in New Zealand she completely ignores – as all immigrants do!

The same thing happened on another MPs facebook page recently – where a medical business getting government contracts to provide products and conduct research had a relative/son trolling National party MPs social media to trash people criticising them.  Ewwwwww