Email to Ministry of Justice – Complaint about Independent Police Conduct Authority

For anybody fighting these red tape whores in the red tape wars.  Was told by IPCA staff that the Ministry of Justice is responsible for them so I phoned MOJ and the nice woman on the phone said send us the details and we’ll see if we can find the right person to deal with it.

Thanks to my facebook friends I am doing this, because they’re right, everybody gives up, few people keep going and hold those who are not doing what their job is to account.  There is also a Board of the IPCA run by Judge Carruthers, they refused to give me details of the other board members, but I’ll find out because that sort of information is public knowledge – it has to be.  I HATE ALL BOARD MEMBERS, they are the most revolting people who put things in place but have no accountability about the consequences of their actions.

So if you’ve been refused an investigation by IPCA and not had issues with police resolved then you can contact the MOJ at and write to Judge Carruthers – I’ll find addresses and post them soon:


Can you please help me get these complaints about police dealt with, the IPCA are not doing what the law says.  They have referred complaints back to the police in Masterton who are doing nothing to deal with them at all, as a result my stress disorder is aggravated and I’m having nightmares they are coming to get me and I panic if I hear cars close.  This is not how I want to feel about police, I am a disabled single woman living alone, I need the police.

So many of them are really nice to me and don’t want to be standing at my door either, but there are a small number who are doing things they shouldn’t be and not being censured for it.  There is also the issue of us all being equal before the law and this is not being adhered to – rule of law only works if it applies to all people rich and poor (note the law makes that economic distinction not just me).

From my discussions and the email I have recognised that the IPCA have not taken account of my status as a United Nations Civil Society Actor (please refer to internet) and the fact my interactions with police around my mental health and in my home are violations of Imperial Laws (including Magna Carta), Human Rights, Bill of Rights and Civil and Political Rights, etc.  They have also failed to accommodate and acknowledge my disability and the extra trauma this police behaviour causes me, as required under the law.

I was told by IPCA staff that Ministry of Justice are responsible for their office and this is why I am writing to you, I am not the sort of person who allows discrimination and miscarriages of justice to continue without someone in authority knowing what is happening – so maybe they can fix it.

I accept police are involved in my protesting, as I do push the boundaries with this.  However I DO NOT ACCEPT that police are USED by those in authority to come to my home and frighten me repeatedly or take me away against my will, in front of my neighbours and community – this is degrading.  Just because I phone begging for health care and justice me and thousands of other abused NZers are entitled to under NZ laws.  Telling these people in power how unwell I am and what is happening in society around this issue is imperative to stop violence, suffering, suicide, addiction and more – I am an expert in traumatic stress disorders and well educated in many other aspects of law, health and human rights – particularly disabled rights.

Please refer to my website for proof of what I know, particularly the page about NZ laws.

I also have reports saying I am intelligent, do not have a personality disorder and am not delusional, I do have a life-threatening stress disorder and know what is happening to me is very wrong.

This letter of complaint is not about ACC, it is more about the way I am being treated by police, which is completely unnecessary in the circumstances and would not be adding to my trauma if they did what me, my psychiatrist and my counsellor advised (and I’m sure my Occupational Therapist would agree) – if they did what the law says.  Police should not be used to intimidate disabled citizens fighting for their rights and holding people in authority accountable for their INACTION – that is what I want to stop by sending this email.  Police often tell me they are there because of a Duty of Care, but it doesn’t appear that duty of care extends to me but has something to do with my family, friends and those I am phoning wanting to be absolved of any responsibility if I do suicide.  I can assure you my family friends and community who know my situation would much rather I got the care I am entitled to than the continuous police visits that do nothing.  NOTE: my disorder is dangerous but I have been living with suicidal ideology for years now and so far I am still alive and never ever been committed under Mental Health Act or spent any time in a mental health unit.

It is the unresolved issues of having police come to my home repeatedly, of them turning up late at night when I’m asleep for welfare visits or forcibly removing me from my home that have started the nightmares – this proves what is happening is damaging, there is no Care.  I would like to talk more with someone about this, if anybody is going to help me resolve it as I’m becoming upset begging for help YET AGAIN.  I will forward relevant email complaints I sent IPCA.

Please I don’t want to get police into trouble, I just want to stop what is happening, it is not fair and makes me very frightened about participating in the political process.  For me this ongoing behaviour by police is persecution and psychological torture.

Hope you can help with this, it is very important.

Thank you

Civil Society Actor


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