The Wright Family Foundation of ignorant bigoted rich pigs!

As I am currently blocked from facebook by a sicko who insulted me because I was a poor disabled rape victim I am taking to my other social media.  Nothing else to do – I don’t work and fighting ACC, mental health, WINZ etc for the care and support I am supposed to have under the law every day for years makes you highly suicidal.  Being persecuted for years and abused for your disability to the point you are suicidal and severely dysfunctional isn’t a sign that I am faulty or mentally ill, it is a sign vulnerable poor people in New Zealand are living in inhuman living conditions after 30 years of advancement of rich and austerity against poor.

Am so isolated at the moment I have started watching TV occasionally for company, but it just shows how rich and working people live, there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING on there that validates my existence.  In fact everything on there, especially advertising and shows about food, house buying and the gross extravagance of antiques etc makes you feel even worse.  Its why most poor people don’t watch TV and have a huge library of movies I am sure.

Today I’m angry about The Wright Family Foundation series of advertisements about families and family strength.  I find them extremely ignorant and further degrading of the poorest people in this hell hole country.  I will continue to make formal complaints about them just so people know they have no relevance whatsoever to poor people.

The one this morning was a man taking his son to the beach to fish.  This man is in a wheelchair which is obviously some attack on disabled people, saying they can be good parents too – YEAH RIGHT.  This man also lived in his own home from the images I saw, it was a nice place, not a revolting small rental (state house or private).  He must have owned a car with capability to get him to the beach to fish.  He had fishing equipment and obviously no mental health issues from what we saw.

Poor people don’t have cars and if they do they are almost always out of registration or warrant, trying to keep your car going costs money that you can’t spend on doing things with your children.  Ask the police why they don’t pull cars over on Xmas day for no rego or warrant?  That’s because poor people use them to get to friends and family and nobody wants to stop that one day a year.  Every other day they live in fear that police will catch them with no warrant or rego and take even more money off them.

Poor people don’t have fishing rods, benefits don’t allow for that, they don’t allow for cars either.  Try living without a car and see how much fear you have, how do you get your children anywhere in an emergency.  I remember not having enough petrol in my car and being very fearful when my girls were teenagers that I wouldn’t be able to pick them up in an emergency if they were out with friends.

Obviously the Wright Foundation wanted to bring disabled people into this and prove they get help, but disabilities aren’t just physical and people like me with life-threatening stress disorders are also disabled.  It is people with mental health issues from either injury (abuse or trauma) or illness that are the most despised, degraded and persecuted in this neo-liberal shit hole.  When you have suffered abuse you don’t want to go out and be around people, people are dangerous and rape you or beat you up – the others who don’t do that hate and despise you for being frightened and poor.  That’s why suicide attempts have increased by 100% in Christchurch since the earthquake.

Also these people who take their kids fishing have obviously been fishing themselves – what if the parent has never been taken fishing themselves and doesn’t know what to do?  Also what about all those abused and poor women parenting alone, what are they supposed to do?  What they do is take their kids for a walk maybe and watch other people fishing with their kids – knowing they can never do that, which makes people feel ostracized and marginalised yet again.

Then there was another Wright Family advert that talked about your kids being happy.  My kids aren’t happy, not because of me but because they have low paid jobs and are being taken advantage of by their scummy employers.  One is forced to work over 50 hours a week for $1 above minimum wage for a café chain, she pays $230 per week in rent (the flat is $460 per week).  She met up with relatives who live on the Gold Coast recently who told her for what she was doing she would get at least $21 per hour in Aussie and her rent would be no more than $120 a week for a really nice place.  So why would she stay in this shit hole.

She did a six month course at Weltech after she left school but couldn’t afford to keep going or run up the massive debt for something she wasn’t even sure would have a job at the end of it – so she quit.  She is intelligent and should be at university but there is no way she can do that as her parents are both poor and can’t afford to support her.  She currently flats with a girl who has wealthy parents and gets propped up by them so she can get her degree.

The other girl is in a job she hates and is too much physically for her, her boss is an evil degrading maggot and doesn’t like her because she refuses to suck up to her.  She has to flat in the city for a week to go to work and the other week stays with her boyfriend 1 1/2 hours away.  She wants to move to the Wairarapa where her boyfriend lives but there are no jobs here, she has applied for several but foreigners with more experience get the jobs she applies for – she knows this because she asks the places she applies to why she didn’t get the job.  Some of the jobs she has applied for and got through to the final group for she has cried and become depressed because she hasn’t got them and is forced to continue with the hell life she is living.

They are both paying of student loans – prior to neo-liberal terrorists taking over New Zealand and taxes to the rich being cut by 30% education was free, now they pay interest on the loans and there is less guarantee of a job than there ever has been.  This puts massive amounts of stress on both my children, stress they don’t deserve and is created by rich and middle class bigots like The Wright Foundation and whoever they have putting on these disgusting advertisements.

So angry, so screwed up, so angry, so disgusted, so ashamed, so angry.

Just discovered The Wright Family Foundation childcentres advertise on the right wing extremist blog of Farrar – Kiwiblog.  What does that tell you.  These people are truly disturbed.

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  1. Belinda Hainge

    I am so sad for you and your family, it sounds like you have been through a lot, I myself was in a farming accident where my leg was crushed and severed and I had a head injury, public health care and ACC can be a nightmare and I truly hope things get better for you


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