Charity funding by Trust House are the proceeds of neo-liberal crimes

I couldn’t help myself this morning I phoned Trust House and the English neo-liberal elitist who runs it Alan Pollard and told him what I thought of him after reading the front page of the Times Age on Saturday.   I pointed out the 4.4milion dollars being taken from the poorest most vulnerable people (from ‘market rate’ rentals) and given to middle class and rich people for sport, censored art projects and business promotion was a neo-liberal abomination.

That his lie about it creating wellbeing in the community was proven to be false because Wairarapa is NO 1 in NZ for suicide and NO 1 in the OECD for self-harm and eating disorders.  That there was nowhere safe to live for the disabled and poorest people, that he caused domestic violence, suicide etc.

It was like talking to head of the gestapo, he was arrogant, full of hatred and insulting, all he could say was. “Does that make you feel better?” and “You should see a doctor.”   I assured him it did not make me feel better to talk to someone as cruel, greed, extremist and corrupt as him but I needed him to know me and thousands of other people hated Trust House and what they were doing.  Also that he would have already known I have not been allowed to see a doctor for over four years now.

He put me on to speaker phone at some point so I am assuming he had some other elitist neo-liberal terrorist murderer in the room with him.

I suggested once the neo-liberals were driven out that those who caused the most damage to society would be arrested and charged under the Terrorism Suppression Act.  That he would be deported back to England where he came from and never allowed to set foot in this country or any other ever again as a KNOWN TERRORIST.  Although I know this will not happen with the current crop of neo-liberal terrorists in government.   You just never know – when we have people in GOVERNMENT AND JUDICIARY WHO ARE NOT CORRUPT then we will see those who have harmed us made the criminals and their victims released from their poverty prison.

Check out the laws neo-liberal extremists in power are violating on my other pages.   Please read the Terrorism Suppression Act which makes it illegal to deprive large sectors of society the resources to live and be productive.  Although they had intended it to be for ‘cyber-attacks’ and terrorists from the countries those in power didn’t like – it definitely applies to neo-liberals from other countries who now live here and radicalise others.   The extent of the propaganda and brainwashing of society is probably the worst, advertising and tv shows funded by neo-liberal business terrorists.

If you don’t believe in the bible, knowing what it says during end of days about churches and ‘good people’ going bad might change your mind.

I intend to contact every one of the organisations who have taken money from Trust House and make sure they know this money is from proceeds from one of the most despicable crimes of our history – Maori and Pakeha.  It is uncivilised and deceit of an epic size – due to the extensive communication networks humans now have – extensive opportunities for propaganda to control THE MASSES.

PLEASE NOTE: I AM A SUPPORTER OF SMALL AND MEDIUM SIZED BUSINESSES – NOT neo-liberal capitalists, franchises, corporations, big business both local and international as they are ANTI-SMALL BUSINESS – are in fact anti-capitalist as Adam Smith’s idea relied on controlling big business and monopolies.   That is why we have a Commerce Commission, that is why the media talk about monopolies being bad – but of course the allow them through the neo-liberalisation of NZ and its destroying all of us.

Labour are again conning people to get into small businesses – not because they will be successful – they know 80% of them will not.  What they want is for the people going into business to use every last cent they have and can borrow on those things people need WHEN STARTING A BUSINESS – eg marketing, business advice etc etc.    If the idea starts making money a corporation will come in and drive the local out of business, as they have done 100,000s times over the past 35 years of neo-liberal terrorism.

Phoning Alan Pollard didn’t make me feel any better – but I will be doing things that will make me feel better very soon.   If I can overcome the extreme, gut wrenching fear I have of what police and our grossly corrupt mental health services could do to me.

Unless people who know what is going on start going to see their MPs in large numbers and start protesting in the street THIS IS ONLY GOING TO GET WORSE!!!!!!!  New Zealand is being controlled by imperialists from England – they bought in an imperialist to take over at the Human Rights Commission – SO NEW ZEALANDERS WERE DEPRIVED OF THEIR HUMAN RIGHTS!  Otherwise the government would have put a New Zealand human rights lawyer in the job – WOULDN’T THEY.

Make sure you go to Jacinda Ardern’s Linked In profile and see where she has trained and worked.  She was never an elected Member of Parliament, she was sent to London for several years, she trained under some marketing ‘mindfulness’ guru in America.  She gets on with the French president because he comes from the same training ground.   The way they use the fact someone is a WOMEN to make people think they are going to be less cruel and corrupt than a man is very effective.    Prof Philip Zimbardo will tell you from his extensive research there are just as many ‘evil’ women as men.   From my personal experience women are worse – especially in regards to poor women- they hate them, they feel threatened by them, they ENJOY controlling them and they are even better than men at psychological torture.

If you have read this and want to do something – then write a letter to the Board and CEO of Trust House and tell them they should be spending ALL THEIR MONEY on cutting rents for poorest people – particularly disabled victims of crime.  Also building houses in the community for people IN NEED – which is what the meaning of charity is – giving to people in need.   NOT greedy wants of  SPORTS PEOPLE,  ELITIST ARTISTS AND BUSINESS PEOPLE.

Imagine if we were able to use all the charity resources in this country for PEOPLE IN NEED, even for five years.  We would have housing for everybody who needed it – not affluent immigrants because they should have stayed in their own country.  Refugees are different as they are poor and should have access to state/social housing – although I noted in any discussions about the large number of refugees the government are sending to Masterton soon the opposition is because they are poor.   Rich immigrants from the city or overseas are welcome here – in fact local mayors have street parties to welcome them!

You also have to remember when THE LICENCING TRUST WAS STARTED years ago we lived in a socialist society, so the government provided for people in need.   They took the proceeds from alcohol, which people didn’t approve of back then, and used it to do good things in the community.   When neo-liberal terrorists took over New Zealand – based on Libertarian belief that all disabled and poor people should be supported ONLY BY CHARITY – it changed the Licensing Trust into something it was never meant to be.   It was never meant to price gouge poor people in housing so it could dish out money to middle class and rich greedy people for things that WERE NOT NEEDS – were wants!



Know people getting govt contracts who part of ‘old boys/girls network’ – CORRUPTION

I discovered yesterday the STATE SERVICES COMMISSION are the ones supposed to deal with ‘politically motivated’ contract fraud (link below).   That’s when a business with contacts/friends/family who work for the government (local or central govt) are unfairly awarded government contracts – this is corruption – fraud and HIGHLY CORRUPT.

When these contractors then make political comment on social and news media (any public media, including magazines, etc) to protect and support the people/organisation/political party who gave them the contract THEY SHOULD BE REPORTED to the State Services Commission, link below.   Trashing an opposition political party is illegal.

I have discovered two such instances with ESL Bioscience and GSL contractors.  These organisations rely on lucrative government contracts for their existence – they are mostly owned by immigrants (or local rich old money – farmers/land owners) intent on exploiting the local population of workers every way they can.

When a business starts calling employees, THEIR FAMILY – you know they are elitists who think themselves SUPERIOR to the people who work for them.  EMPLOYERS ARE NOT YOUR FAMILY – THE PEOPLE YOU WORK WITH ARE NOT YOUR FAMILY – the work relationship IS NOTHING LIKE FAMILY AND NEVER WILL BE.   The brainwashing BS elitist employers spew all over their workers is deeply disturbing.   I suggest you find out more about capitalism and how bigoted self-righteous elitist employers think of ‘their employees’ (ie capital and labour).

The two organisations I am complaining about have gone on the facebook pages of National Party politicians and trashed what I have said about the need for disabled and poor people to have access to safe stable housing, professional health care and justice.   These things are not just a need, it is firstly our KIWI CULTURE and legally what we are entitled to it under New Zealand constitutional, criminal, health and human rights laws as well as UNITED NATIONS signed and ratified treaties.  These corrupt contractors DON’T WANT THE GOVERNMENT spending YOUR TAXES on what I am saying they should be according to law.  They want the government to spend YOUR TAXES on making the rich richer and the poor poorer.

ESL Bioscience want YOUR TAXES spent on never-ending research to keep wealthy rich pigs alive for longer – while making sure health sector resources/money is withheld from general population so us peasants suffer and die quicker.   There are already enough people on the planet spending huge amounts of money keeping ‘privileged’ groups and individuals alive is ridiculous.   People get sick and die – that’s life.  It is general health and quality of life we should be focussed on, sick children are being used to profit these research organisations as well.

They are political party trolls and the ‘rich lefties are just as bad as the rich alt-right’ with the neo-liberal ‘centrists’ being the worst.  There is NO MIDDLE GROUND IN POLITICS, the middle ground is where EVERYBODY GETS SCREWED and nothing changes for the better.

It is illegal for these government contractors to get involved in politics in order to pervert democracy and discredit/abuse/insult others to better themselves.

Ministry of Justice/Government perverting the course of justice, this is no accident

Start at the bottom to start at the beginning of this little saga (one of dozens I experience regularly).    You have to believe me our government – neo-liberals in business and with power over our government – DRIVE PEOPLE TO SUICIDE, VIOLENCE, ADDICTION AND CRIME ON PURPOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From: Jayne
Sent: Monday, 16 September 2019 10:28 AM
To: Alisdair Ross <>
Subject: Have you had anything to do with this Alisdair????


I made a request for transcripts of all my court appearances since January 2018 and SOMEONE told Lauri not to do it – was that you Alisdair???

What an interesting terrifying traumatic two days I have had aye.  How horrendous have the hours of torment from suicidal ideation I have been through, how many times I have self-harmed and binged and thrown up to cope with this oppression, persecution, ill-treatment, harm, psychological torture, torture.  All this to stop me, as a victim of sexual abuse, from getting the extensive ACC treatment, care rehab and home I am entitled to under ACC and other laws.

Look at how many people in power know what is happening to me and do nothing – that’s apart from the people who are the oppressors.   People wonder why I reference NAZI Germany when I’m talking about what me and others are subjected to in the ‘darklands’.

Also I realised Judge Morris and you didn’t demand I was seen in the dock last week, is because what I said wouldn’t be on record.  THAT WILL NOT BE HAPPENING AGAIN – I CAN ASSURE YOU.

Yippee for me aye – must really upset all your elitist friends that I don’t kill myself and the only reason is because I know that is what you are wanting.


From: Jayne
Sent: Monday, 16 September 2019 10:19 AM
To: dc, masterton <>; Day, Nelda <>
Subject: You are required to provide this information within 20 working days BY LAW


I have spoken to Lauri, its obvious this isn’t her fault the information wasn’t provided, she was just doing what she was told.   She did tell me she was told not to send the information until my next court date – which of course has absolutely nothing to do with my previous court dates and my FORMAL LEGAL REQUEST below.

This is very sad and upsetting for me, I still try to believe our justice system and the police are not grossly corrupt and persecuting me for asking for the ACC care I am supposed to have (as a victim of sexual abuse) after winning to Tribunal reviews in 2010/11.  When the level of corruption is as blatant as this it breaks my heart.  It breaks my heart even more it is mostly women doing this to me – what did I ever do to any of you.  I have never hurt anyone they hurt me!!!!!  Being so mentally unwell I ‘go tourettes’ and insult and swear at the people WHO ARE DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN HARMING ME does not count as injustice.

So within the past two days my brother has told me if my life is so difficult I should kill myself.  A woman on facebook has told me I’m a meth addict and everybody like me is causing all suicide, violence and addiction etc. The woman who said these things I have tracked down to a government contractor called GSL, who like SCL Bioscience are either paid by National Party or do it freely in order to get government contracts they want…………………………..    A ‘friend’ of mine told me believing in anything spiritual requires a person to take medication – like he is on for his violent psychosis, voices in his head, etc.

Honestly, if society gets any more insane I’ll start really believing it is end of days.  AM I REALLY THE ONLY PERSON IN THIS COUNTRY THAT TELLS THE TRUTH AND DEALS WITH THE MOST DIFFICULT ISSUES????    THE ONLY ONE??????   But then two Forensic Psychiatrists have told me I’m definitely insane and should be locked up until I think something different and don’t believe a thing I’m seeing.     George Orwell’s 1984 is a book of prophecy after all.

Please advise me how I make a complaint about not receiving this information – especially who told Laurie not to send the information???  And if that was Nelda, who told her not to do it – because I am almost sure it isn’t her leading this punitive use of the police and justice system.    You are the law, you are required to uphold the law, because of our current lawless society we have violence, bigotry and hate.   YOu are human beings you must know this, you must know abused women desperately need other women to help them, not to hurt them.

If you can’t tell me the truth through email, you know my address, please put a note in my letterbox with any information that might be helpful to me?  Please I want to meet my grandchildren, I want my daughters to be proud of me and for me to be their mum like I should be, I want my family to accept me – not reject me.  None of this will happen if you don’t protect me and uphold the law.  I want my life back and I want help others to get their lives back – I know what needs to happen to stem the suicide rate, I know what needs to happen to curb violence, self-harm and violence.  Everything I know is based on science and law – EVERYTHING.   Please stop hurting me and help me.


Jayne R

Civil Society Actor

From: Blyth-Carter, Lauri <>
Sent: Thursday, 30 May 2019 5:10 PM
To: jrouthan
Subject: RE: Can I please have the transcripts of all my court appearances since January 2018


Hi Jayne, Nelda has asked me to respond to your requests on her behalf.  Please note this email will confirm receipt of your email.  I am currently getting the information together to provide to you.  You can expect to hear from me  no later than Tuesday, 4 June 2019.


Warmest regards



Lauri Blyth-Carter

Service Manager

Masterton High/District Court







From: Jayne R>
Sent: Tuesday, 28 May 2019 5:42 a.m.
To: Day, Nelda <>
Subject: Can I please have the transcripts of all my court appearances since January 2018


Hi Nelda,


Sorry to be a pain, I’m working on something, can I please have a copy of all the transcripts regarding my case since January 2018.  Including those I did not appear at because of my legal protests about gross violations of my magna carta rights.  Do you have a list of dates?


Actually, do I have a court file???  That shows ALL the convictions and times I have been to court and what the outcomes were? Can’t remember being in court for any issue prior to 2009 when ACC illegally removed all my entitlements.  Could I please have a copy of this – electronic and printed version by mail to 29 Clifton Avenue, Carterton.


Just wrote this little poem based on Westminster Law, off to chalk it in Carterton this morning.  Imperial Laws Application Act 1988, Westminster Statute the 1st – common right be done to all, rich as poor.  Seems so simple and yet we all know now so violated as law is created to advance the rich and persecute the poor for profit Oh well they leave me rotting on welfare so nothing more interesting or valuable to my society than fighting for the most basic right of a human being to exist and live on the planet.  If only they knew what brilliant value for money I am.  Rent goes up $40/wk tonight and government going to give me extra $3, knowing I already can’t live, yippee for me aye.  $480 a week and my rent is $320 and after a string of dangerous abusive flatmates the terror of trusting another person has to be ignored due to the need to survive.  Isn’t it a shame MY COMMUNITY and its leaders are so happy for this to be happening to me and other vulnerable impoverished abuse victims.


The ONLY purpose of government and law

Is to keep the peace between rich and poor


Thank you



Here’s some really clever GLOBALIST neo-liberal propaganda by Rod Oram

My computer now won’t print anything so I can’t print out the story, make notes and do a youtube video about it.   Here is a very clever neo-liberal globalist who avoids the word neo-liberalism and gives us the BS about we need a constitution in the commonwealth.  We need to follow the Commonwealth Charter, Declaration of Democracy and Rule of fkn law – is what we need to do!  That will not happen until poor people like myself who most oppressed and terrorised by neo-liberals in power, have access to lawyers and our court system.

I know a lot about NZs constitutional documents – I participated in the Constitution Conversation they had several years ago, it was an embarrassment of wealthy powerful people talking BS, who knew nothing about those in poverty.   I went along and contributed where I could as a poor person – the people had absolutely no idea what I was talking about they were so sheltered.

OUR GOVERNMENT AND JUDICIARY ARE CORRUPT – THAT IS WHY OUR CURRENT CONSTITUTIONAL DOCUMENTS ARE NOT UPHELD IN COURT.   In fact my dodgy lawyer at the moment REFUSES TO USE constitutional documents like the Imperial Laws Application Act to defend my case.   He refuses to respond to any of my emails, he refuses to put in writing when he discriminates against me and refuses to listen to my instruction, etc etc.

I will tell you more soon

I need to go for a walk now and clear my heard after the trauma my brother put me through yesterday my heart is still broken and hurting.  Its raining, that should be nice, I like walking in the rain.   Part of my childhood growing up in Hokitika.


Here’s some really offensive housing charity propaganda!!!

Had to post this BULLSHIT which is available to VERY FEW PEOPLE – but mostly people who have committed crimes – not their victims.   The insult of going on about this man’s dog when poor people are NOT ALLOWED to have dogs in rental properties, nobody in state housing or social housing in New Zealand are allowed to have dogs or pets!!!!!!!!!!!!   Except this guy?????  LIke I said its propaganda, they set people like this man up to be successful, surround him with services and then use him for their propaganda.    99% of people don’t get this sort of help.   Housing First will be looking for more funding as well – its all about the money.

RNZ News – A distraught desperate despairing letter to Radio NZ

rom: Jayne R
Sent: Saturday, 14 September 2019 1:44 PM
To: <>
Subject: How many other things do our media cover up???

I know you cover up neo-liberalism and the damage it is doing, you cover up the housing market failure that is driving suicide, violence, crime and the destruction of our society, you cover up why so many people are suicidal but whine on with the same BS that people just need to talk to someone and a social worker will fix it, you cover up what is happening to me for years.
Nobody trusts what NZ media say any more, you are bias and manipulate it out of greed and elitism.  I have just had a discussion with my brother that ended in him telling me if my life was so difficult then I should end it permanently.   That’s what middle class and rich do to any of their family who end up in the darklands of this hell hole due to corruption in ACC, justice govt etc.
Yesterday I went to see my 25 yr old daughter for a coffee – I don’t see her very often, it hurts to much and too difficult, her partner and her have just built a house, they both work and she just got a $6,000 bonus from working at Powershop.  Apparently they made the biggest profit in their history – now I see the news item below and find out they are also a big greenhouse gas polluter.   My daughter throws food out, I barely have enough decent food to eat each week.

The media in New Zealand are destroying our society, you have got to stop lying to people, you have got to stop avoiding the serious issues and telling us about road accidents and how good the odd poor or disabled person is doing.  You are killing us, we are in a state of ANOMIE now, reading the front page of the Wairarapa Times-Age and its like you have all gone COMPLETELY INSANE.   A charity run by a foreigner who wants us to be like the UK – not like NZ – wealthy LABOUR ASSOCIATED local elites who run Trust House, profiting from market rents of state housing they were almost gifted, highest rate of pokie use in NZ and exploiting alcoholics through their pubs etc.

Then going on how the HIGHEST EVER PROFIT and ‘return to the community’ is PROOF they are fulfilling their purpose of ‘community wellbeing’.  THAT IS INSANE WHEN IT IS WELL KNOW WE HAVE THE HIGHEST RATE OF SUICIDE AND SELF-HARM IN NEW ZEALAND, highest rates of people being prescribed psychotropic drugs (to cope with how dysfunctional our society is), highest rate of compulsory treatments orders (because wealthy health elites demand people who are suffering are drugged up).

You’ve made a pact to talk about environmental issues you were avoiding before – what about a pact to talk about economic, human rights and constitutional issues that you are currently avoiding.   You are in denial and believing your own propaganda – IT IS NOT TRUE.

I emailed you earlier about my situation of being in court for a crime of writing a poem about a criminal who works for Bell Gully and Compass Health to stop poor people getting health care by underfunding – so there are more resources for rich people with private health insurance.   I know the man is a murderer, I know what he does and yet you do nothing to expose him.   You do nothing about local MPs in government who have done nothing to alleviate the suffering of disabled poor people – especially abuse victims in Wairarapa – is that because all our MPs are men, who think sexually assaulting, raping, hitting and neglecting women to the point of suicide IS A WAY OF CREATING JOBS FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT’ HAVE THOSE ISSUES???????????????

I will be putting this email on my website, just to show people what the media know and don’t say anything about.    I am intelligent, don’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional and yet two psych assessments (that were only done because I couldn’t get legal aid and was not well enough to represent myself) say I am completely insane and should be locked up under a compulsory treatment order FOR PROTESTING ABOUT HOW BAD MENTAL HEALTH SERVCIES ARE AND HOW OUR GOVERNMENT DEPRIVE DISABLED PEOPLE OF THE SAFE STABLE CULTURALLY APPROPRAITE HOUSING THEY ARE ENTITLED TO UNDER ACC AND OTHER LAWS.

You are the media, if you don’t tell us peasants the truth then we are going to continue to suffer and die.   As you make it worse and worse, the more lies you are telling, the bias, the ignorance, the trivialising of EXTREMELY SERIOUS issues that are destroying us.   Media are the ones who made us No 1 in the OECD for youth suicide, domestic/flatmate violence, self-harm, eating disorders and homelessness – YOU ALL DID IT – YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE.  I bet that is why Greg Boyed killed himself, he couldn’t take what he was doing any longer, he was a good person.

Why – why – why – why do you want suffering violence pollution and death – it is your friends and family who will be affected as well.   Mostly the violence etc is in the darklands, but it will affect more and more of the middle class and rich – NO MATTER HOW MANY POLICE YOU EMPLOY.   Those young cops aren’t going to be sticking at it for long – you are traumatising them as well – especially with suicides.  You have allowed the government to create this neo-liberal nightmare and you refuse to do anything to stop it.  There are solutions to this but nobody will act with any leadership or strength to change things for the better – YOU ARE INSANE, THE GOVERNMENT ARE INSANE, BIG BUSINESS ARE INSANE, OUR LEGISLATURE, EXECUTIVE AND JUDICIARY ARE ALL INSANE.  So much of what I see is illegal – but nobody challenges it in court or will even discuss it in public.   No we’re having a big meeting and discussion about more cancer funding…..   groan.

You leave me both enraged and in deep despair, why are you doing this to us – what did any of us ever do to you.   Check out some of my solutions (on this website) – ALL BASED ON PROFESSIONAL HEALTH MODELS, also my posts about Regional Rehab Centres and Regional Mental Health facilities.  Making sure everybody is working and participating – human garbage like me doesn’t get to participate I DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!!!!!!  NONE LEFT, NOT FOR A $5 COFFEE.  That’s why so  many shops in Carterton are struggling, their incomes getting less and less because NOT ENOUGH PEOPLE HAVE ENOUGH MONEY and the rich can’t spend it fast enough.   Landlords, banks and government has it all.

Labour party called police to come terrorise me – a sexual abuse victim begging for her ACC care?

Just had the police call me for a WELFARE VISIT – wtf – apparently someone called them concerned for my welfare – WTF.  That I was going to self-harm, well of course I self-harm, that’s what people do WHO CAN’T GET SERVICES and living in the darklands – its part of my disorder everybody knows that and thinks its a great joke.

Am terrified, after reading those deceitful/offensive psych reports and how I’m labelled as insane for knowing what is happening to me and why it is NOT MY FAULT.   This is terrifying, I was right about Labour – because me being who I am phoned them and left a polite message on their answerphone asking why they were prosecuting me for wilful trespass FOR A PIECE OF ART on their Masterton office.   I got the call from police only 15 mins later – OMG – I can’t stop crying (I have got to stop crying, they do this to me on purpose to terrorise me I have to remember that.)

The cop was ——— (polite, young, confused and brainwashed to the hilt), telling me I didn’t want their help.   I just started crying and got really upset.   Asked him to stop police continually prosecuting me for my art and legal protests.  Asked him why police weren’t investigating and prosecuting ACC and mental health under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act for them refusing me care I was entitled to after winning two court cases nine years ago and everything they said was available over and over again for years.  Asked him who phoned – he refused to say – asked him who they worked for, which I know by law I am allowed to know, he refused to say.   Lots more I can’t say because I’m so upset.  Check out my youtube channel for more.

This is because I am upset with Jacinda ARderns lies about the arts in New Zealand and the sexual abuse saga at the moment.

Can’t talk more too angry and have to leave the house in case police turn up.  Told the guy on the phone I’m terrified of police and mental health for good reason.   He was threatening to send mental health services around – WTF – those fucking lying murderers can’t wait to get me under compulsory treatment order so they can lock me up and drug me up – so I shut up about the damage neo-liberal economic terrorism is having on us – so I shut up about abusive experimental unprofessional ‘drug company’ based mental health services.

Our govt and corporations purposely drive poor people to suicide, crime, anxiety and violence so they can create jobs and businesses out of us.   The people most affected by the stress of inhuman living situations are those who victims of crime, abuse victims who according to police statistics are subjected to 80% of the crime in NZ.   The sexual abuse saga playing out with one of their own young female members proves very powerful MEN in the Labour party instinctively discredit, trivialise and dismiss women.  Exactly what they do to victims of sexual abuse who are poor and need more extensive health care and rehab than the current EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL RESTRICTIONS they have ACC imposing ILLEGALLY!!!!


New Zealand governments suicide prevention strategy blames the community for neo-liberal failure

I will remind people MIKE KING has no qualifications WHATSOEVER.  I have had personal experience of this mentally ill narcistic abusive psychopath, when he first got into the SUICIDE INDUSTRY and more recently where I was not allowed to be part of some marketing idea him and Kyle had.  I have been protesting for years more than him and knew far more than him and his mate Kyle McDonald – who both emotionally and financially profit from what they do.  They cater to a small group of suicidal people, not the majority – they particularly love addicts/junkies and middle class/rich people because of their own unresolved issues and elitism.

These ideas the government are suggesting are nothing more than propaganda, they are not going to address the suicide issue, they require people to be terrorised and suicidal so they can create more jobs and profits for charities/not-for-profits and businesses.   Blaming the community for the nightmare of hell they have created, demanding the community (which doesn’t exist in a neo-liberal society according to Margaret Thatcher) deal with suicidal people – WTF.   This idea DOES NOT WORK, PEOPLE DO NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO, JUST TALKING WITH SOMEONE DOESN’T HELP if they dont’ have the necessities of life required to be provided by our government.

What an insult to the families and friends of suicidal people, if they knew what to do then the person they cared about would be dead or suicidal.  The complete ridiculousness of King’s statements show he is not very educated or intelligent.

It is delusional to think charities and not for profits are not profiting from this suffering.  Many of these charities pay their staff – often VERY GOOD SALARIES and have cultures of extravagance way beyond what those they ‘support’ would know.  KidsCan is reknown for it.  The neo-liberal/Libertarian utopia demands charities pay for those the government once cared for – govt who have the legal responsibility under international treaties and NZ constitutional laws to care for.  Mike King is one of those people.

I have had dealings with some of these suicide organisations and all they do is tell people to get over it and they are loved – which means absolutely nothing.  Love is a verb not a noun.

Also remember Mike King has been at the forefront of youth suicide for over a decade AND NEW ZEALAND HAS THE HIGHEST RATE OF YOUTH SUICIDE IN THE OECD!!!!   If Mike King was successful in his ideas then I would be completely supportive of what he is suggesting and supporting – BUT HE HAS BEEN A WORLD LEADING FAILURE AT IT!!!!!!!!!   Then of course there is the recent breakdown he had over the numbers of people calling him wanting to commit suicide since he was made NZer of the year for services to youth suicide.   THE MAN CAN’T HANDLE IT, he is only doing this for the publicity, that’s why he was a comedian and performer, for the attention, he even admits it in interviews.

As for people like me being involved in developing services that work – THAT WILL NEVER EVER HAPPEN – as I know from my 17 years of making submissions to parliament about dozens of laws/commissions etc, about what was necessary to bring down suicide rates.   The government will choose those suggestions that are in line with their neo-liberal and other political beliefs and of course their budgets.   Professional health models will not come into it and making sure one of the most important group of suicidal people – victims of violent crime (domestic violence) get all the entitlements required under ACC law.

NOTE to employers who fund ACC, unemployed adults/children are paid for out of general taxation.  However you are being shafted after decades ago the NZ government covertly and corruptly made victims of crime who work your financial responsibility.  They also made people who had sports injuries your responsibility as well (not counting professional sports people).  Both of these groups should be under general taxation.

AND GENERAL TAXATION TO THE RICHEST PEOPLE IN THIS COUNTRY MUST BE REINSTATED TO PREVIOUS LEVELS IN ORDER TO FUND THIS!   Not only have these wealthy elitist globalists had massive general taxation tax cuts, they have also had family wealth taxes removed in order for families to acquire more money and resources.

It is well known to me people with mental health issues are the biggest target for persecution by neo-liberals in our government.  We are the 21st century Jew – except of course NAZI persecuted disabled people, women they raped and homeless gypsy more than Jews.   If Jews were perceived as the rich in Germany now the rich, gays and people with dark brown coloured skin are united in harming people like me.   I attended the meetings prior to Human Rights report from NZ to the UN – in a meeting of around 50 people held at Victoria University, 48 of them were there about human rights abuses of people with mental health issues.

Again, that is why I am being terrorised by the police and denied ACC care I am entitled to after winning two ACC reviews NINE YEARS AGO.  Jacinda knows this, Labour party knows this, NZ First knows this and so do the Greens.

These low level services are going to tell people there is hope for the future and they are valued – there is no hope for 20% of the population in any neo-liberal controlled society and they are definitely not valued for talent or skill.