NZ government wastes your taxes on this – WTF?

Yet another government propaganda organisation – privatised organisation so someone is making money out of it ewwwww.  Yet another thing paid for by YOUR TAXES that is not a requirement of International or NZ law, while providing necessaries of life, like safe stable affordable housing to disabled and poor IS A REQUIREMENT OF INTERNATIONAL AND NEW ZEALAND LAW.  In fact its the most basic principle of law to not destroy people or deny them justice – for governments and judiciary to treat rich and poor the same.  YEAH RIGHT!  But of course they do not cause they are corrupt.

And below are the people who run Real Estate Institute – all with conflicts of interest and profiting from this – ewwwww  – these are the people who love wealthy immigrants and hate/persecute local poor people.  Look at where all these filthy rich maggots come from, LAW AND ACCOUNTING.  POWER AND MONEY – corrupted power and money.  Set up in 2008 by Labour I am assuming because Nats didn’t get in until November – this is Clark and Ardern’s neo-liberal terrorism!

Public Letter to District Court Judge Barbara Morris

Was in court this morning and can’t stop thinking about what happened, didn’t go as I wanted or expected it to, but then I’M THE POOR & POWERLESS so that’s a given.

There were several things you were wrong about and assumed when you are not a health professional.  Firstly you referred to counselling, it has already been well established counselling was not sufficient for me to heal from my mental injury.  Which is why I got the extensive rehab plan in 2009.  There are several factors why I havn’t healed when other people would have, one of them is my intelligence,  It is well known intelligent people suffer more which requires more care than others.  Why should I be deprived of the extra health care I need to heal LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE.

It is such a waste to have me rotting on welfare, it is an injustice to have me continually taken to court for FREEDOM OF EXPRESSION.  You drag me through court and cost the taxpayer $100,000s to hurt me for protesting about abusive mental health services and injustice.  /as well as ACC reinstating my care and getting a public law expert as my lawyer.  Do you really think that is value for money – I am entitled to that ACC care, they are harming me by not giving it to me.  That is a crime under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act and the police have refused for years to investigate and lay charges – the police are corrupt.

Police and Forensic Mental Health services are perverting the course of justice and everybody is looking the other way while I suffer.

What did I ever do to you, I have never stolen from you, never taken all the food from your cupboards, never stopped you from going out, or from going to family events, including funerals.  I don’t terrorise you with police to the point of persecution.  I don’t hurt you, why are you hurting me, why are you letting them hurt me????

This country and government isn’t kind its cruel and Jacinda lying so much is making it worse.  Because the reality for so many is an inhuman nightmare of fear and uncertainty.

First draft, will get back to it, tired, sleep now.


Masterton Court today trying to get psych assessment sorted

Got to court, I go in and tell security I am here and go back outside, they come and get me, because I can’t wait in the court, too many people and I start freaking out.  Too closed in somewhere I don’t want to be and I start wanting to escape.  Outside I don’t get that as much, but still get anxious.  Jason, Court Security guard is awesome.

Judge had me first up – they usually do now because they know how freaked out I get, I stand with the lawyers, but I couldn’t hear what the police officer was saying.  Ended up with the judge closing the court to the public, we were about 20 minutes.  I didn’t get to give her any of the letters etc I had done.  They didn’t know I refused to see Chaplow (ex Director of Mental Health), I made sure they knew now and how I wouldn’t be able to be in the room with him without freaking out.  Started ticking, rocking and shaking.

Told her about all the complaints to Medical Council, Privacy Commissioner and police about Forensic Mental Health and the assessors perverting the course of justice.  Nobody wanted to talk about it.  Judge Morris then did a memorandum saying Forensic Mental Health and police had to get Mason Durie or an assessor/psychiatrist he recommends to do the psych assessment.  She did piss me off by saying I refused to see Chaplow – who was apparently coming down from Auckland – I couldn’t see Chaplow I would have gone ‘tourettes’ at him and security would have had to remove me.

When I went to leave they wanted to do new bail conditions that said I would attend the assessment organised by forensic.  I refused to sign it, no way I’m letting those corrupt MOFOs decide who assesses me.  I wanted the judge’s memorandum referred to on the bail conditions, they tried several times to get me to sign by telling me what I was worried about wasn’t important.  I know the law of contract and I know what it could have meant.  Ended up the Clerk of the Court ruling out the condition about Forensic’s choosing the assessor and he signed it in front of Jason.  Because he just didn’t want the hassle.

If Mental Health and Police had insisted Chaplow do it or someone else I had protested against or had a conflict of interest then I would not been able to go (because of extreme fear and my subsequent reaction).  Then I would be breaching my bail conditions and the form plainly states they will stop my benefit until I attend – they’ve threatened that before and I completely flipped out.  That doesn’t make it easier to see an assessor it makes it 100 times fkn harder and I reakon they know that – these people I deal with a experts in behaviour.

Got through most of it and had bit of a meltdown, crying and distraught saying I couldn’t do this, it wasn’t fair etc.  Almost had my legs go from under me, had to lean up against the dock – I was on the outside with the lawyers.  Susie Barnes a previous lawyer came up and gave me a tissue, she knows what they are doing to me and there is nothing she can do – but be angry about it.  That is how corrupt the legal system is under Jacinda Ardern and neo-liberalism in the area of mental health.

I saw on the news that moron Dave McPherson got to see Jacinda about mental health services etc.   They consult with the parents who produce suicidal children and OBVIOUSLY don’t know how to help them.  That’s one of the reasons mental health services and suicide prevention marketing is so bad for people who are ACTUALLY SUICIDAL.  People like me who suffers with suicidal ideation never get our voices heard – we’re to be exploited, we’re jobs and money for the government and society.  They don’t want people like me well, our mental health system is exactly what they want, that’s why it never changes for the better – only for the worse.

Its all about power and control over the poorest people in the population, grrrrrr.  When you understand the big picture its mind blowing how they’ve created this.  No wonder its so difficult for me to understand, no wonder it takes 1000s of hours of study and keeping myself up to date with what is happening to fight them with their own rules.

Doesn’t sound like my complaint about perverting the course of justice will go through, the prosecuting police officer wasn’t being very helpful and avoided looking at me the entire time.

Judge also said something about getting me mental health services – when I am demanding return of my ACC care, as required by the two ACC reviews.  Didn’t like the sound of it, I know their version of ‘health care’ doesn’t follow any professional or culturally appropriate health/rehabilitation model.  I reakon that’s why they reject me, cause they know I’ll pull them up on it.

Just found an old letter from Gains Geneva who were supposed to reinstate my ACC care last year.  I complained they refused, their excuse was they couldn’t establish if I wanted the services – WTF.  ACC had told me they were going to reinstate them, of course I wanted the fkn services.  Something really dodgy going on with that GLOBALIST CORPORATION who has ex National neo-liberal MPs Wyatt Creech and Roger Sowry running and profiting from it.  Grrrrrrr

Wanted to give a copy of it to judge but no opportunity – she was pretty busy, court was full.  Few domestics outside while I was waiting for the bail forms, I was being escorted by Jason because I hadn’t signed the bail form I’m not allowed to leave court until I do.  Cause if I didn’t I would be put in the cells until I did and Jason would be the one taking me there.  I teased him I would do it, but I wouldn’t, he helps me, I respect him and usually will do what he asks – unlike the others.

I might go to Wellington to do the assessment and Jason offered to be present there, he’s part of the Wellington Court Security services.  How cool is that, he was being so nice I started to cry, he said he didn’t like seeing women cry – awwww.  Shame nobody else in our government and parliament has the same decency and compassion.

Here’s a laugh for poor people in NZ – govt pretending to consult

I’ll make sure I make a submission, they’ll ignore it of course – BECAUSE WE MUST CHALLENGE NEO-LIBERALISM THROUGH THE COURT PROCESS – THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO CHANGE IT – THE ONLY WAY!   I got this link through the United Nations Association in NZ – its grossly corrupt and set up by National party terrorist scum Wairarapa MP John Hayes.  Ewwwwww

If anything is proof UN are grossly corrupt its the UN Association – who have repeatedly rejected and abused me – saying they are not interested in gross violations of UN treaties and human rights in New Zealand.  They are globalists and its full of foreigners who are only in New Zealand to take control of it – FACT!

MFAT are grossly corrupt, I’ve had dealing with the human rights people and they are PRETTY MUCH ALL MENTALLY DISTURBED, must be radicalised and brainwashed extremely well to get those jobs.  They tried to have me removed from human rights meetings, it was really scary when I hadn’t done anything except tell the truth and expect something to be done about it.

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My computer and main mobile phone has a virus preventing me uploading photos or video, however I have a separate phone that I can upload videos from.

Someone said to me recently that she follows me but had never said anything on my youtube channel.  IF YOU DO FOLLOW ME AND SUPPORT WHAT I DO and don’t like what is happening to me please make a comment, it is difficult to go on with how unwell I am, marginalised I am when I think nobody GAF.

Medical Council complaint, proof of New Zealand government corruption & cruelty

3 May 2019


Medical Council of NZ

PO Box 10509

The Terrace



Dear Sir/Madam,


This letter is to form part of my complaint about Justin Barry-Walsh and others using psychological abuse/torture in an attempt to drive me to suicide.


I am not sure how to talk about the background to this as it is very traumatising for me, I have communication impairments and need someone to insure I relate all the relevant information needed for the Medical Council to make a decision. Can you please help me work out how to do this, I am not sure myself, whether phone or face to face. I have no support to do this from anybody else.


This is in regard to being in court for my legal and valid protests about police violence, being illegally denied health care, punitive use of the justice system, government corruption, gross injustices in mental health and housing sector, etc. Legal Aid refused me legal aid, even when the judge said they were required to provide it so I had a lawyer.


On 1 May I heard from Nelda Day court officer that the second psych assessment would be 24 May, THE DAY AFTER I was due in court. The date of 23 May was made four weeks ago, the Forensic Service was required to provide a suitably qualified culturally appropriate ‘impartial’ psych assessment as requested by Judge Morris before the next court date – not the day after. The 23rd was chosen because I have a long term relationship of sorts with Judge Morris and she is determined to do whatever she can to get me the health care and justice I am entitled to under law – so I don’t end up in court repeatedly for my ongoing protests. She was going to be there on 23 May, she may not be there 10 days later.


I was advised the assessor was going to be Dr David Chaplow, ex Director of mental health and one of the people I have spent the past 17 yrs complaining/protesting about.   The first assessor was not who the court staff were told it would be, it was a very gay sounding man called Peter who only 18 months before wrote a report saying I didn’t want services – which was a horrendous lie.   Then I got Dr Barry-Walsh who I thought to be trustworthy, but obviously wasn’t from his report. Now they want Dr Chaplow, when I had requested Mason Drury or ANYBODY he recommended who knew Whare Tapa Wha and assessed on a culturally appropriate basis, ie as a Pakeha New Zealander. The judge supported this in her formal request to Forensic Services, it was ignored.


Finding out the court had organised the psych assessment for the day after I was due in court made me very angry and I challenged court staff about this.   I was told to contact Forensic Services as they were the ones who organised it, there was nothing they could do. Giving consideration to my extremely poor mental health what they were doing was psychological torture, vindictive, punitive use of the justice system and criminal under Sections 150A and 151 of the Crimes Act. It is also a perversion of justice which is a crime and subject to 7 years jail if convicted and of course many other human rights and disability rights laws.  I looked on the website and tried to phone head of Forensic Services Dr Emery-Palmer given the seriousness of what was happening.


I went through to a call centre, the person asked me who I was because psychiatrists did not talk with patients who phoned, I told her I was not a patient. She phoned through to Dr Emery-Palmer and returned to me saying the doctor had said I was a patient and not to put me through. I reiterated I was not a patient and tried to explain the situation, the woman hung up on me.


As a writer I have a pretty good grasp of the English language and just to make sure looked up the word patient.   I am definitely not a patient by definition of the word, I am not registered with any health provider (am not allowed to register, the waiting list is 600 people long – mostly wealthy immigrants), I have not received any services from mental health for many years – no matter how many times I begged for professional health care I was entitled to. I have not received anything from public mental health services, except some counselling 25 years ago and the odd bit of social work (which is not health care). I did have some interaction with an Occupational Therapist in 2009 but when ACC illegally withdrew my actual professional rehabilitation the OT couldn’t cope and rejected me also. I had been working with a very professional and amazing OT Glenda vandervenLong at the time who was funded by ACC. The interaction with Hugh Gaywood-Eyre OT was more a therapeutic interaction, there was no ‘health care’ involved.


The last interaction I had with Hugh was at Masterton police station, I was on the floor with my arms around the ankles of the social worker sitting beside him begging for health care. Hugh told me to get up and stop embarrassing myself, that I knew as well as him there were no longer services in mental health. He left the service not long after that, I knew him through a club I belonged to for a while, we have discussed what happened, he left MH services as he couldn’t cope with how badly they treated people.


Being a patient would require some sort of regular interaction with the same person, I can’t recall that happening for a very long time. It distresses me greatly that other people appear to get professional health care and I do not. I have never understood why and people treat me like I’m a liar and delusional when I tell them what is happening to me, because it doesn’t happen to them. Hopefully the Medical Council and police can work out what has been happening to me. The only possible reason I can think of is my public protests and formal complaints, it is illegal to harm or disadvantage someone who makes a complaint.


With everything the media and government say about mental health services and the horrendous ‘suicide promotion’ propaganda we are all subjected to day after day, my mental health is denigrated even further by my experience of EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE to what is expected.


It appears to me Dr Emery-Palmer may be part of this appalling abusive behaviour by Forensic Services, I truly believe only a police investigation would be able to explain what is happening and how many it is happening to. I know from the laws I read it is not allowed to happen to me or anybody else.


Mental health services have more power over people and the opportunity for more abuses of power than police. What is happening to me might explain New Zealand’s world leading suicide, self-harm, domestic violence and eating disorder rates. Perhaps I am part of a targeted group of disabled people who are prevented from accessing professional health care, using professional health and rehabilitation models and whose valid complaints are illegally rejected.


Please make this stop, please, I have never hurt anybody, I barely drink, I don’t do drugs, I don’t steal, I don’t rip people off, I don’t bludge off people, I don’t gossip, I don’t gamble, I am not a sexual deviant or pervert of any sort. I am an honest good person just wanting health care I need and am entitled to so I can return to work for wages, so I can live with dignity and in safety without having to beg for food. My house is tidy and clean, my gardens are done, I share jars of jam & pickle I make with others, most of it goes to waste (when I get given fruit or produce people don’t want). I don’t want to live like this as an outcast of society, I am intelligent, I have reports that say it, I have a report from Justin Barry-Walsh 6 years ago that said I was intelligent, didn’t have a personality disorder and am not delusional. That is still true, unfortunately I don’t know if Justin is as sound minded.


I am 54 years old, why are they doing this to me, I am going to be destitute the rest of my life if they don’t help me, there is no point in living if this is what my life is going to be like.   Please I want to meet my grandchildren, please I don’t want to be despised by my family and the community, please I havn’t done anything wrong and I don’t understand why this is happening to me when every law and report I read says exactly the opposite should be happening. Please if I don’t work I know I will be raped, harmed and exploited again, please help me, this is what is happening in the ‘darklands’ where I live every day. Its very hard to avoid junkies and being told repeatedly to interact with very self-righteous wealthy Christians is extremely offensive. The times I have gone to churches for support I have ended up being the one supporting them, working for them for nothing, often doing things for people who were getting health services and had safe stable homes to live in.


Did I tell you about them cancelling an x-ray the doctor at A & E said I needed, so I went there and was told there was no appointment?   Did I tell you about mental health staff gossiping to people in the community about what a bad person I was (who then came and told me). If I was a patient of mental health services then I would be able to make formal complaints about this gossip and the horrendous violations of my most basic rights, I am not so I can’t.   How can somebody be a PATIENT of a health system that completely rejects them?   They treat sex offenders and abusive thieving junkies better than they treat their victims, I know that for sure.


What is happening to me is a criminal act and a deliberate perversion of justice



Yours sincerely






Oranga Tamariki is ‘snatching babies’ & fascist Tracey Martin loves it

Here is the news article – and like other people I know there are children who should be protected and taken from abusive parents – I ALSO KNOW FOR A FACT there are many disabled parents who are being illegally denied ACC, health care and safe social housing who are losing their children – THAT IS ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THAT IS A CRIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Refer to NZ Disability Strategy, human rights laws and Signed ratified UN treaty on persons with disabilities.

I can’t work out if Martin is corrupt or extremely ignorant, bigoted and full of hate towards those people neo-liberals have impoverished and persecuted for the past 30 years – that is obvious from her comments.   Will make sure I send her all my details about how I am being persecuted for my non-violent legal protests demanding the professional treatment care rehabilitation and housing EVERY SINGLE MENTALLY INJURED ABUSED MOTHER, FATHER, WOMAN, MAN AND CHILD VICTIM OF VIOLENT CRIME IS ENTITLED TO UNDER ACC LAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Why am I being targeted Tracey??????  I know a woman who had her children removed from her care AFTER she went in for surgery on a tumour.   The kids  have tried to run away multiple times, a new self-righteous social worker came in and wanted to make her mark ewwww.

Ask Tracey why our government made social workers HEALTH WORKERS a few years ago???  While the continue to refuse to acknowledge counsellors as health workers.   They made social workers health professionals under law SO IT WOULD BE EASIER TO STEAL THE CHILDREN OF MENTALLY INJURED ABUSED VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC/FLATMATE VIOLENCE.   This is a result of our illegal housing crisis and the government refusing to provide housing they are required to by law.

What is happening to me is part of this, NZ First are well aware of what is happening to me, Ron Mark lives in my town and I email him regularly to keep him up to date.


Sent: Sunday, 19 May 2019 11:23 AM
To: Tracey Martin MP;;; news TVNZ; Breakfast TVNZ;; United Nations Association of New Zealand
Subject: ACC corruption, torture and criminal negligence in relation to mentally injured abused parents -mostly women #metoo

Hi Tracey,
YOu should ask Ron Mark and others who I am, been writing to NZ First for years about corruption at ACC and them illegally denying disabled mentally injured abuse victims the treatment care rehabilitation and safe stable housing they are entitled to under ACC legislation and multiple other constitutional laws, disability laws and of course multiple ratified UN treaties.
As Ron/NZ First knows what is happening to me and how ACC have perverted the course of justice in several ‘criminal’ cases of my LEGAL AND NON-VIOLENT JUSTIFIED PROTESTS, your part cannot pretend you are ignorant of what is NOT HAPPENING for abused women.
Your admittance that cruel immoral illegal neo-liberal economic terrorism is causing these children to be taken from their families – which causes intergenerational trauma (not wellbeing like the budget) with all members of the family.  Especially the children, I know a family now where the children were taken from their mother when she went in for surgery on a tumor.   One of the children tried to jump out of a moving MSD vehicle because they took her so far away from her family – she was running back home and OT didn’t like it.
We all know there are some children that need to be protected – but we also know there are now far more who are just being removed from families because they are terrorised poor.   You’re taking kids from families who are so poor they can’t function and giving them to foster families where there are two parents and one of them works full time – then you are going to give them even more money to look after these children.  WHY DON’T YOU INVEST THAT MONEY IN THE FAMILIES YOU ARE TAKING THE KIDS FROM – LIKE YOU ARE REQUIRED TO BY LAW????
I am absolutely disgusted, you really can’t be that ignorant Tracey – here is my social media, now I have emailed you and told you what is happening to me just for protesting LEGALLY about ACC and health care/housing for victims of crime – you can’t say you didn’t know when the international criminal court become involved.  No hope of getting any sort of justice under NZ court system – Judge Morris at the District Court can’t even get me legal aid or the health care I have been waiting for from ACC for 9 years after winning two reviews!
But then you already know all this, don’t you Tracey, you know and you don’t care because you just want to make money out of these people.
Here are the facts   YouTube JR Murphy Poet and facebook /jrmurphypoetmusician – if you want to know more get Ron and Winston to show you all the emails I have sent over the years since I was raped – when my  girls were 5 & 6.  Thankfully they are gone now and living successful lives, now you can’t take them from me like they tried to do many times, when I begged for the health care I am entitled to under ACC and other laws.
Social workers are the worst, most poorly trained people in New Zealand – ALL OF THEM have histories of abuse and all they want to do is hurt people they perceive as hurting a child that was once like them.  God help us all.  I have had dealings with social workers, they are truly horrendous people who have serious issues with abuses of power.  I was in an assessment and the social worker said it was bad parenting to cry in front of your children.
You’ve been sucked into the American Libertarian fascist hatred we are all suffering under – you need to spend a few days with me, I’ll explain where you are going wrong and how you can ACTUALLY HELP CHILDREN AND FAMILIES AND IT WILL COST A LOT LESS FOR THE TAXPAYER!
Civil Society Activist


Email to NZ Independent Police Conduct Authority about my latest complaint –

I had to post this email about my latest complaint of police turning up at my home when they not supposed to be here, they wanted it forwarded to the IPCA who sent me a standard email about the process.  The irony of me currently being up on charges for Misuse of a Telephone because of IPCA is hilarious, couldn’t stop myself from writing what I thought.  Can’t imagine what goes through the head of the person who first reads this email, lol.

Dear Corrupt cruel neo-fascist team,

Any organisation that refuses to put a persons name on the letter is corrupt – everybody knows that.  It wasn’t me who made the complaint, I contacted police extremely distraught trying to find an email address for someone in authority who could stop what abusive local police are doing, they are the ones who wanted me to make a formal complaint –  they are the ones who referred it to you not me.   I couldn’t stop crying when they wanted it, because I am currently up on ILLEGAL CRUEL OPPRESSIVE FASCIST criminal charges for the last time I made a complaint of unwarranted violence by local police that you ignored and I phoned you to tell you what I truly thought of you and what should happen to the corrupt people in your organisation.   What happens to me and others I know should be happening to you and those people you know – that would be justice.
Of course there are other factors in my complaint, the years of illegal harassment and intimidation by CORRUPT police officers and IPCA staff allowing it to continue and get worse.  Please refer to all my previous complaints that you refused to do anything about in the hope I will kill myself or commit some violent crime so you can have me locked up and made homeless.
Other factors like Forensic Mental Health Services staff and Directorate of Mental Health staff and Parliamentary Services and senior police participating in perverting the course of justice in my current case – which I am being denied legal aid and a lawyer for – which includes your charge of Misuse of a Telephone.   From one of the corrupt/unprofessional reports I have received it appears there may be people in your organisation also be involved in illegally denying reinstatement of my ACC entitlements (which include $18/wk for the past 10 years) and using the justice process in a punitive way.
It appears from what the officer on the phone told me, local police are well aware they are not to come to my home unless to exercise a warrant – like when they came to terrorise me for the warrant they issued for your trumped up charges – I self-harmed and went through an extremely terrifying suicide episode because of you people – what you do to me is HATE IN ACTION.   Local police are also supposed to phone me if some self-righteous ignorant bigot has called them saying I was threatening to kill myself,  which they didn’t – even that terrifies me but its better than them turning up at my home.  Which is also a gross violation of the Magna Carta and other laws you neo-liberals/neo-fascists ignore in order to advance the rich and persecute the poor so you can profit from them.  I have new neighbours living on both sides of me, they saw those police officers, having police repeatedly at my home ensures I am consistently and over time marginalised and discriminated against.
Just wrote this for a laugh, its all true but I know how corrupt you are so I know nothing is ever going to happen.  A UN inspector told me once to keep making complaints and one day I would get justice and there would be a useful paper trail to follow to prove what has been happening to me as a Civil Society Actor living under Westminister law in a democracy.   Punitive use of the law and justice system to harm a disabled Civil Society Activist fighting for the health care and lawyer she is entitled to – is about as corrupt cruel and immoral as you can get.
Best of luck with that.
Civil Society Activist

From: Independent Police Conduct Authority <>
Sent: Wednesday, 15 May 2019 12:48 PM
Subject:  Your Complaint To IPCA – Ref: 18-2483,
As required by law, your complaint to Police of 10 May 2019, for an incident that occurred on 9 May 2019, was notified by Police to the Authority.
Your complaint will be assigned to a member of staff within the Authority’s Case Resolution Team who will assess your complaint and contact you in due course. This process may take up to two months.
If you have any other information relevant to your complaint that you would like the Authority to consider, please forward this to the Authority at or to P O Box 25221, Wellington 6146.
Please refer to the Authority’s website [] for further information about the Authority or the complaints process.
Yours sincerely

Case Resolution Team

The information in this email (including attachments) is issued for the benefit of the intended recipient only.  It may be subject to legal privilege or protected in terms of the Independent Police Conduct Authority Act 1988.  If you are not the intended recipient, it may be unlawful for you to use any material in this message or to pass it on to others.  If this communication has been sent to you in error, please notify the sender by return email and delete the email immediately; or phone the Authority on 0800 503 728.

Tourism Industry Corporate Terrorists INSTRUMENTAL IN HOMELESSNESS & SUICIDE!

Saw a news item about Tourism Industry Aotearoa saying they wanted to employ NZers but they really needed immigrants or the entire industry would collapse.  Went on their website and was horrified by what I saw, also phoned them, but the idiot on the phone said she only answered the phones, she didn’t know anything.

Then I read this, these are the sorts of greedy corporate murderers who are making sure mass immigration continues, where disabled and poor locals are driven from their homes, not only by rich immigrants but also by tourists!!!!!!!!!!!  Go to Hokitika and see the numbers of HOMES turned into Air BNB – its disgusting and its so so so wrong.


Truly going to be sick, look at those groups in New Zealand with so  much government/taxpayer money who are persecuting the poorest in this country – especially ACC who terrorise me and illegally deny 100,000s abuse victims professional health care, rehabilitation and SAFE STABLE HOUSING – THEY ARE REQUIRED TO PROVIDE UNDER LAW.

The people named below are the most corrupt people in New Zealand, they are the ones demanding mass immigration to drive disabled and poor people from their homes, driving them to suicide and violence.  These are the people causing so much harm in New Zealand, making us No 1 for domestic/flatmate violence, youth suicide, homelessness and more.

Its overwhelming to know the truth and watch the deceit and propaganda our media and government vomit all over us every single day.   Grrrrrr

If there are any international journalists who want to discredit and take down New Zealands cruel corrupt money men and their political puppets they should get hold of me.